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Blanch Blanchard and her Travel CLog
Captain's log?

Star date 20180716

My RV journey started June 30,2016. I was going to write up a two year blurb but depression hit, the truck broke down, the new fridge stopped working, and it never happened. I am a couple weeks late but here goes: 

I sold the house and bought a new travel trailer with the proceeds, it is a 2016 Springdale and at 30 feet it is a comfortable beast . I also purchased a 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4X4 that I am making payments on. When I purchased the TT it was online and through phone negotiations. The SRP was $27,000 and I got it for one penny short of $20,000. I was pretty shocked when I saw the size of the trailer, 30 feet didn't seem that long until I saw it hitched up. Yikes! Did I mention that I have no towing experience? So the dealer hitches up my truck and trailer and drives it off the lot and tells me good luck. I found an empty parking lot and practiced towing before I hit the highway. Once on the highway I towed it from Medford Oregon to Crescent City California, through the Redwoods and HWY 199, and stopped at an RV park for a month. While there a couple who were fulltime RVers befriended me and taught me the ways of their people.

My second month in Bodhi died. She was the pack leader of myself and my three dogs, I most certainly was not in charge of that crew. Bodhi had a severe heart condition and her death was not unexpected. As a puppy the vet said I'd be lucky if she lived to be one or two. She was six. Now, with Bodhi gone, the other two dogs allowed me to be the pack leader, or at least they let me believe it is true. The other crew members are Sequoia, a doxiepoo with anxiety and barking issues, but I love him. Also there is Nibbanna, who is a five pound teacup poodle,  and clearly no one has told her she is tiny,,,, she also seems to seek out naked men for me to meet, but that is another story for another day.

With two months of experience I decided to start my adventure, I went to the Redwoods, then some time on the beach in Northern California and off to Lake Tahoe and Reno. Then some time in Grass Valley and back to the coast. I spent another month on the beach and then went for a trip up the coast to Port Angeles and over to Seattle and then Portland with my youngest son. That was wonderful and full of mishaps and adventure. After that trip I planned to head to Quartzsite for the winter, my adult children were having a fit about mom going so far when I didn't know anyone. I found an event online, named the RTR, and told my children that is who I would be camping with. I enjoyed the RTR and I learned the ways of boondocking and camouflage so I don't stand out as a woman alone. I spent the rest of that winter in Ehrenberg with the RTR group, although I mostly kept to myself. 

I then took off for the Super Bloom in Anza Borrego Desert State Park, which was amazing to experience, and some asshole stole my generator. I have breathing and heart issues ( and an autoimmune disease) and use a nebulizer, so no generator ended that trip. I headed back to NorCal to see my doctor and I got a 12 volt Nebulizer so I never have that problem again.  After some time and medical appointments I headed to Klamath Falls, Oregon and the Crater Lake area, then over for two weeks on Lake Shastina just under the shadow of Mt. Shasta.  From there I went to visit friends and family in Carson City and then I hit the Eastern Sierras. Then back to the Redwoods and then to visit my kids who all live in Humboldt County. 
Now you might wonder why I am always traveling in circles. I have a medical issue that requires me to be on a medication that can cause cancer, so every four months I have to check in with my doctor and get a crap ton of blood tests and a physical.  So my travels are three to four months out and then back, rinse and repeat. I really don't mind, it is what it is. My doctor is 10 miles from the Redwoods, so that is a nice bonus.

Anyhow - about this time I was introduced to this forum by Gunny (Rob). From this forum I met Camilla and she invited me to camp with the YARC group. I headed to Quartzsite and met so many people from this and the other online community. I went to the RTR and this year I volunteered to host the AA meetings and I did a disabled nomad meet and greet that was well attended and fun. The winter was a blast! I got my teeth fixed in Mexico and got new glasses and a years worth of breathing medications.  After Q quieted down I hit Joshua Tree National Park and then the Trona Pinnacles. At the Pinnacles my refrigerator completely died and I have been dealing with the fall out from that, but overall the winter was perfect!
More medical tests and appointments and then I was off to help a sick friend for a month, then back camped in the Redwoods for a month, and now a month in the Eastern Sierras.

Before all this, before I got sick, I was a computer programmer and database manager (mostly mainframe ). I was one of those Y2K programmers who saved the world? Well maybe not, but I did fix and repair lines of code for the state of Nevada for many years. I also managed the TANF databases for an indian tribe and I was once the Director of Technology and Marketing for an insurance company. So I was very comfortable and middle class before my illness. I worked for a couple of years after my illness and eventually working became impossible. I applied for and received SSDI, which is what I live on now. All my savings were extinguished trying to keep my house. I sold it before it went into foreclosure, bought the RV, and now I am a Nomad.

I know my traveling will end one day. But two years in I have driven over 50,000 miles and taken thousands of pictures. My instagram account is blanchblanchard and it starts just about when I moved out of my house.  I love ghost towns and urban exploring as well as basic landscape photography. I am, mostly, having a wonderful time as a Nomad. 

So that's two years in a nutshell...... May my time on the road continue for another two years or more!
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Smile Well Blanch you've been on a wee trip these past few years!  How many tires have you had to buy?  It
 was a shame about your frig going belly up.  You'd think something new that cost so much to replace would last longer.

  I've had 2 x 28ft T.T.s and a a 35ft park model, and even driven tractor trailer rigs.  Now I don't want to tow anything over 18 to 20ft long, if even that.  No mountains for me anymore.  I'm a Certified Flat Lander now.  Big Grin 

I wish you safe travels

JewellAnn and Queenie
                    AND I HAVE A GUN                
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6 tires so far!
In a nutshell?

Having been around part of that time, you sure compressed a lot of living. 

Enjoy your fresh air and the pack. See you in Q. (I’ll be dressed. Angel )
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And YARC Camp this winter?
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[Image: 8adea7615bac22a1c97a00902b832871.jpg]
Living that Nomad gangster life! One of these hotspots will get me signal, right?

My communications set up is as follows:

Cricket wireless unlimited cell phone plan on AT&T towers. $55 a month

Verizon flashed unlimited 3G. $5 a month

Verizon flashed unlimited 4G. $5 a month

US Cellular hotspot 2 gigs per month and upgradable to more. $15 a month

So $80 a month in total and I have connectivity across three carriers.

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(07-16-2018, 07:57 PM)GotSmart Wrote:  (I’ll be dressed. Angel )

Which means he will be wearing a bowtie in the Magic Circle.

Survived that last catastrophe....NEXT!
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Geeeze TX , don't be giving him any ideas.......he's one of the "Ain't Rightest" ya know.
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
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(07-17-2018, 05:48 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: Geeeze TX , don't be giving him any ideas.......he's one of the "Ain't Rightest" ya know.

Why thank you Popeye. 

I have had ideas that nobody has thought of yet, but that ain’t one of them.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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Yoozz guyzz are perverts.

I meant, on his NECK.

Big Grin
Survived that last catastrophe....NEXT!
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