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Blank wall solution
You have a big old blank wall in your rig and would like something to spruce it up a little.  Not too expensive and not too gaudy looking and definitely light weight.  This might be the answer.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
I put up pegboard.... polysy board. I found it at a clothing store going out of business. It is white.

Looks nice, and I hang all the stuff I want to grab quick on it (flash lights, EPRP, bear spray, hat, etc)

Looks good, and functional

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
Those are cool and CHEAP. I’d have to at least get a Christmas one if I was ever going to live in a house.
We put in plywood covered in upholstery fabric (yeah Goodwill - whole roll of it - better like it...) then we put up some garage rail hangers. We also hung some wire shelving against the wall. We can hang or bungee stuff to either one to keep things tied down.

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