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lesson learned
(07-13-2018, 09:32 AM)American Nomad Patriot Wrote: I got a scar on my arm ...

Maybe I should post over in the super-power thread again..
I have a scar on my arm.. burnt myself shooting a .22 lr... While wearing long sleeves.. with cuffs..

Yeah, I also collect freak accidents/occurances.
Stabbed myself vacuuming.
Been hit in the face with a lawn mower..
Crossed the same road 7 times and wound up on the side I started on..
BackSpun an industrial drill press bit. (aka NOW the cutting edge is on the Lee side of the spin...)
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,
probably cursed

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  • Cammalu (07-13-2018)
A dull blade is a dangerous blade. A semi-sharp knife rips as much as it cuts. Rips are ugly and harder to stitch as the torn edges don't close easily. For most cuts, add vodka or some other +40% spirit, lots, open and shut the wound, make it hurt and like the pain as its weakness and infection, crude and corruption being purged from your body. Scream "halayaluya" if you like. Then check the type of bleeding, bright red is arterial and dull red is veinal. Veinal is better and bright red squirters, it won't squirt much, less than an inch, are bad. How bad? Well, volume is the issue and everyone should do this once. Take a litre of a thick fluid. I like milk and go someplace with hungry cats and add some red dye for dramatic effect and spill it out for the cats. Notice how much is all over the place OR THE VOLUME. You can lose that much blood, light a cigar, have a piece of chocolate and enjoy the rest of your day. No problem "easy day". Twice that amount and things get a little woozy and you are going to need to take it easy and put your feet up. Three times that amount and you're in a heap of trouble if solo. "Why should I waste good milk doing this stupid test?"
Because cats are gods and deserve sacrifices. Shock! The shock will kill you faster than ANYTHING that didn't off you immediately! Knowledge is the best cure for shock. Knowing something about the volume and ability of your body is the best way to survive. Being able to visualize a specific amount all over the place allows you to focus on something other than "holy shit I hit an artery". DO THIS!

CLosures. If you can clean it really really well and stop the bleeding super glue is the Cats muffin. I've stitched myself up a few times and I am glad ladies love scars. Super glue is easier. But only if you can clean it! Yeah, three times as its important. If you super glue a wound closed with crap and get an infection this situation just went from bad to worse.

If you can't clean it really well then use butterfly closures. Put a dab of superglue on each side of the wound and then the butterfly bandage on the glue. Don't stick your sticking on finger to the closure. Leave one end a little open to allow any infection to seep out of the wound as your body fights the infection. Yes, Puss drainage.

If you opened a good artery then Bleedstop is the best and we should all have a pack. Past that...Well, fire cleanses all, as do hot pokers but it is a hell of a lot harder than it looks on TV. Position and then roll onto the device and say five 'Hail Marys' or whatever comes to mind at the time. I usually find myself moved to Christmas carols.

Or if you're lucky. Call 911 999 0r 011 depending on what civilized country you are in. The above is if you are alone with mother nature. Seriously do the milk thing a litre is a ton of blood on the floor but it is an easy day as I mentioned. I lost a friend to shock when a hot load bullet took off his thumb and a chunk of meat. Lost perhaps 3/4 of a litre and died en route to a hospital. Fear is shocks best friend and knowledge its worst enemy.
Peace and Love
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Scott, I wish I had seen what you wrote when my Dad bled. He used to take a shower and when he towelled off he would break skin and bleed. About once a week. I dreaded Saturday nights... A couple times blood covered the whole floor before he figured out how to stop it. I had to clean it. He would NOT transport but wondered why his blood counts were low... I tried to convince him to grab a sanitary pad to absorb blood the next time he bled but he wouldn’t touch one of those - he preferred to redecorate the house. More frequently his nose would bleed all night just from being too dry and being on blood thinners. He would wake up covered in blood. How much blood? Who knows? The visual of the milk carton would have helped a whole lot to gauge and show him how bad it was. A couple good photos was enough to convince his doctor he needed a change in meds. As ugly as it was all the bleeding did not kill him but it did scare me nearly to death. Cantankerous old man...
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  • Scott7022 (07-15-2018)

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