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New folks on the site
Hey all you new folks.  I see your names when you join but I don't see you here waving.  Might wanna take the time to stand up and wave hi to everyone.  We don't bite...  much.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
Yeah what he said
We don’t bite - we’ll most of us don’t bite.... most ain’t right though. Sign in we won’t delete you.
Yeah good luck with this.  I tried months ago, in what was a nice way for me, to let folks know there is a Welcome Center.  It's here for a reason.  I just think it's rude to walk into someones place without making yourself known.

Big Grin  That's my story etc......

A lot of us know each other from other places.....maybe us ol' folks need to add a "Hi It's Me" our own selves if we haven't already.  I'm gonna check and see if I've been to the Welcome Center.

                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET
I usually do not like to admit that I am me. One of us always gets a bad rep when I do that.
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I think we are just a “quieter” group, mosly disaffected CRVL’ers. I mean, if you were new and checked out both forums as a ghost/guest user, until you figured out the moderator abuses (if it bothered you) on CRVL, you’d likely stay over there. 

Those who’ve migrated here are pretty much known to each other. We don’t have a lot of general info posts to offer the complete noob like CRVL has. Yes we assist each other with small things (like Gary’s recent wiring questions) however we aren’t as “desperate” or “unknowlegeable” as many newer CRVL'ers appear to be.

I would like to see some more controlled growth, so the forum experiment doesn’t fail, yet it’s basically up to people when they search. I know I raised more than an eyebrow over some of the moderator interference over there but it wasn’t until my own posts got deleted that I threw in the towel. 

I was ready to abandon forum usage for vandwelling altogether until I got an invite here (thanks Gary). I had been making an effort to help educate posters “over there” but feel no such need here, thanks to our member’s experience base. Besides, other than Prius info and general comments, I don't have a lot to offer anyway, since I’m not a “vanner” and don’t even have an aftermarket house battery or solar! 

I could spend some money “testing” products but I really don’t have the room to carry them.
“Hey Amazon, flip some free camping products my way... I’l review them for ya’.”  

Nah, too much bother, I can’t even get a picture to post!  Huh
They say when you get older two things happen, one is you lose your memory and the other, I forget.

Organized people are simply too lazy to search for stuff.
I would love to know more about your Prius dwelling. Can you run an induction cook top off the battery? I think you say you run the air conditioner at night and the car engine kicks in and charges the battery. How well do the batteries hold up? Could two people sleep in there? How to you keep it private with out attracting attention when you do stuff like dressing or going potty? How much stuff can you store in there and WHERE does it go? We are in a van but some times it seems cumbersome. I’ve often thought hhhmmm better mileage Prius? Better stealth - a used Lincoln, Mercedes or Cadillac suv? But I keep thinking about a Prius...
(07-13-2018, 10:58 AM)TWIH Wrote: I would like to see some more controlled growth

Smile  How do you see this ^^^^^ working?

I'm more of a vine and twine upward, or let run rampant and see where things grow before takin' a hoe to em. 
The struggle for life often amazes me and not just in the plant kingdom.
Things popping up that I didn't plant I wait and see what they will become before I decide what to do about them.

The angriest times I've gotten on forums has been threads and or posts of mine deleted or closed because " In the past similar threads or posts have caused anger/hard feelings/ or been disruptive ".  I don't doubt that.  I just think sometimes people can change their minds or have something to say that needs to be heard about something that "might have been upsetting in the past" or even from things they have experienced.  So a disruptive thread or post might have some value.  Hey they might not even become disruptive......some might remain civil. 

  Sooooo glad I don't have to make these decisions.

I survived a truck spin and  flip on black ice and walked away and drove the truck home after being towed and having my mechanic checking it over completely.  That scared the crap outta me Huh <<< my hair did this.  Do I want a repeat of this...NO!  Will I approach with more caution after having this experience and learning from it......Yeah Buddy.  If there had been road blocks = maybe no accident = maybe no 1st hand experience = I might not be so lucky if there is a next time.

I'm sorry......What was the topic?

                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET
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Prius Conversions Cool

oops too many distractions here in the club
Wrong Thread !

Mod Muscle may be Required here ?
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
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1 of which is a limited edition Turkey Poop Spreader (What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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