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1961 Holiday House Geographic

Up for sale again. That’s the third time that I know of. Price keeps going up. It’s very cool
Smile  I Like It!  I wonder what it weighs?  I wonder if a '59 Caddy would pull it?  While in High School I sometimes had access to a '59 canary yellow Caddy convertible.  I don't know how many teenagers it would hold.  I'd ask everyone to pitch in on gas.  One of the perks of being raised by Grandparents.  Their friends were older and had cool cars.  One of the guys even had a 2 seater airplane.  Papa couldn't fly because of a heart condition however Mama jumped right in, toting her black "pocketbook".  Maybe she was worried that we'd have drinks on her while she was gone.  A cold can of Falstaff for him and a Frosty rootbeer for me.  Those were certainly the good old days as far as I'm concerned.

                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET
Dang... just out of my budget by a few dollars.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
Well, I’m Gaga over that one...
The new interior looks like it could weigh a bit but the shell is a molded fiberglass piece like the casitas

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