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Unofficial FL winter 2018-2019 snowbird thread split from AZ sux
Mr. Sniky here...yeah, at the Alafia River Rendezvous we are part of the show the public comes to see.  We arrive for early setup, then stay the whole following week.  Have been there most years since '99.  This is a "buckskinner" event--one of the less formal historical re-enacting areas.  Not military focused, more on colonial/fur trade era, commonly counted as 1750-1840, although in Florida they allow some later stuff, because the area was settled later.  This event is in central FL, between Bartow and Fort Mead, cattle ranch and orange grove region.  People mostly camp in white canvas tents, of various styles including teepees (there's a section at one end that is the Indian camp, including local Seminoles and Native Americans from around the country.  A Shawnee couple we know in Indiana goes sometimes.)

We will have some logistics to work out, because of the amount of gear that event takes--getting it down there and back will be an issue (it's about a 3 day drive from our home--we have done it in 2, but we were younger then.)

On your route, we have Seniors Nat'l Park pass, but no handicapped placard--had one of those when Mrs. Sniky's mom was alive, but let it go when she passed last February.  We don't qualify for one ourselves, at least not yet.
This camp is huge. I’m thinking as many as 1500 campers. There are stores and restaurants. All in the time period but safety rules apply. On school public days there are many demonstrations. I learn a lot from being one of the group guides. On public days we usually earn some money. There is music some where every night. There are home made root beer stands. There are muzzle loader shooting contests, etc. There are medics. There is enough going on to be busy the whole time.
Oh, Sniks, that is so neat! Was just looking at the site, and read the sample letter for schools. That's the best! My step daughter, s-i-l, granddaughters and their kids are all involved with the Ancient Ones, here in Maine, and they go to several 'vous each year. Wonderful stuff. Ancient ones aren't military either, focus on daily life of the period. The kids have been doing it since the grands were little, pretty near 25 years, I guess. Always wished I could get Ed interested.
One gloriously stinkin' badge.
We used to run our own bakery down there. We made enough in 3 days to pay for gas to and from.

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