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New property ideas
To answer your art question you can buy stock photos and get them printed on vinyl and wrapped like they do cars cheap and easy. Soda station with ladies on roller skates and burgers. tourist trapish but cool and if you can get a license for beer you get bikers and they have green money and only 1% cause problems like the top 1% of the rich...

I could send you A BOX OR TWO of local goodies and call it Akmed the dead terrorist diner! Considering the area it could be a little bit of a hit.
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I’m so far in the boonies there are no tourists. The nearest town is Beaver Dam and I think the population is about 2000.

I’ve had two different people tell me they wanted to rent the garage. It’s a hazard now with no roof... I haven’t got a clue about a price to rent it for. Can’t do anything till it gets cleaned up and a roof anyway.

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