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$1000 for a cold beer
With just 160 watts of solar panels (2 fixed roof mount 50's and two ground-mount 30's on adjustable angle brackets with 50' of extension wire) and a CF-18 with a custom fit insulated cover, I have somewhere near a $1000 investment.

That includes the roof rack which was $135 and the rack wind deflector which was $70.
Worth every penny!
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More like 1000$ for Several years of cold beer than need no fossil fuels to be cooled to 32.5f.

And enough extra juice left over to make batteries last twice as long powering twice as many things for twice as long.
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How do MC-4's connect to the Miller can?
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(07-09-2018, 01:05 PM)MN C Van Wrote: How do MC-4's connect to the Miller can?

They plug into the foil on the carton.  Angel
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You MIGHT need an adapter. Wink
Stay Tuned

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