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10 Deaths linked to a Goodyear RV tire
There have been at least 10 known deaths and 98 injuries attributed to a Goodyear RV tire.   

Goodyear Tire: G159 275/70R 22.5 

If you are driving an RV that has 22.5 inch tires on it, it might be a good idea to take a look at them and see if any of them are these.

"The tire has been used on at least 40 RV models from 17 different manufacturers. With only 40,000 G159s known to have been used on RVs, court records suggest the G159's failure rate is as much as 27 times worse than the Firestone tires deemed defective by NHTSA in the early 2000s, which sparked a widespread national scandal. David Kurtz, an attorney with ongoing litigation against Goodyear over the tire, has said the reported rate “means that one out of 10 motorhomes using the G159 experienced a failure resulting in a claim for property damage, injury or death.”
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  • MN C Van (07-03-2018)
If these tires are still on an RV they'd be at least 15yrs old; they were last sold for RVs in 2003.
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Hmmm. I'll check my Aunt and Uncles. It has 22.5 GY's, and it's OLD
These things don't wear in this type of service, Wouldn't doubt they'd go 200,000
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