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Shuttle Bussin', Bitchin', and Grinnin'. Let's Get it on !!
(07-07-2018, 03:44 PM)sternwake Wrote: All rust treatment products use phosphoric acid. Look at the ingredients on a Coke can, its the fourth listed ingredient. Which is why there are so many 'clean it/treat it with coca cola' types of folklore.

Naval jelly has a good percentage of phorphoric acid, and I decided to try and use it instead of Ospho to remove
some rust on the extendo sliders on my neighbors compound miter saw, as I was not just treating it for painting but wanted to dissolve the rust.

The results were poor.

I found that Ospho on a green scrubbie sponge worked better and faster at both turning the rust black, but then allowing it to be scrubbed down to clean slightly pitted steel.

Ospho does have some extra ingredients that seem to give it an edge over every other rust converter product that i have tried, and its watery nature can allow it to wick deeper into crevices and do its thing to slow down the rust.

The Local Ace Hardware by me carries it, it is about 15$ a quart.
You are correct as usual Sternwake. If I wasnt trying to keep it off the exterior I would (have before) put it in a spray bottle for dispensing.
BTW Sternwake... Fixing to start putting my wiring and solar list together. I bought a pair of the hydraulic crimpers for the cables. Also got a soldering iron. Tomorrow evening I will take the measurements and map it out. I will be picking the brains of you and all the rest of the electrical gurus here.
Then it's back to Little Rock, AR for prob 7-10 months. Might get a day or two around Christmas. Aka ANP David

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Rained today. Found 2 leaks. My Dad is going to put some silicone on the outside of the two windows tomorrow for me. Will take it off next time I am home. Ran out of time.
Puddle on floor under window on the 2nd pic. [Image: 65d97c8a6b0516f1c1d46b5908f2e4ac.jpg][Image: ff0421f53b23db53cd6b038ba957127a.jpg]

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Well fellow peeps ..Since I'm not able to work physically on my "Podunk" bus I have resorted to buying and finding the things to go on or in it. This past week I have bought: 
One Renogy 150W Mono Solar panel+ other solar fitting etc (Bought new from a fellow vanner left over from a build he did)
One Powereco 150W Mono Solar panel (bought from Amazon for $186.
Air-Ride front air bags (ordered from local to me 4wd retail store $110) I already have the rear bags, compressor, and some air line, and one psi gauge. 
I also took the time for a little fun and checking out local scenery and activities. 

[Image: WlarPxUm.jpg][Image: oheOvTAm.png]
[Image: jzAMTAcm.jpg][Image: NgHLGwHm.jpg]
[Image: fdKkOFym.jpg][Image: VNhy4OUm.jpg]
[Image: 799GUEBm.jpg]  
About two weeks before another paycheck come in. Then it's back to my list and spending spree.  Stay Tuned.  David
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  • S Cello (07-15-2018)
I'm in shopping mode since I am two states away for several months working to make the dough to build it like I want it. I plan to hire two veteran van dwellers that have done builds to help me. The bus build will be located about an hour north of Houston, TX. Probably won't happen until early 2019. I'll pay top dollar. I have one already hired. I'll need one more. I have plenty of room for any rig. Will supply well water and 110 power. It's out on the country on 35 acres. I have extra vehicles for guests to use should they need/want to go to town etc and not have to take their rigs. Only drawback is the family ranch where bus is located. My father and step-mother are breeders of Chocolate Lab Retriever dogs. There are many there that like to bark. They are usually pretty darn quiet after dark. There is also other areas nearby including RV parks that I will gladly pay my guests rv space if that is what should need to happen. Guests can stay as long or short a time as they want or need to. I am doing this due to me having limited time off the road to get the build completed enough that I can use it. Must be willing to do the build on my schedule. I will give approximately 30 days notice to arrive at the ranch.
Guns Welcome ! Target shooting etc is encouraged. I have a relative close by that reloads most calibers and can hook guests up with a "family discount" should they want or need extra to leave with.

Other options can be discussed when the time gets closer.
Just added a Deluxe MaxxAir fan with wireless remote to the stack of goodies. (Amazon $252 ). And Link Solar Weather proof ABS Solar Double cable Entry guard (Amazon $19). Now shopping for roof rack for entire roof surface of bus. Front to back side to side. And the next thing will be house batteries (Amazon- 2 VMAX 125 Ah's $540). Stay tuned Yall !!
Well yall....I've done a little shopping lately...bought some small $ items. My buddy Howie Roll has been kind enough to put together a 99% complete Build List for me and others. It's going to make it so much easier knowing what items I need to purchase. It doesn't go into specifics on an exact item (as in brand, model, etc.). But it covers everything from solar, electrical, plumbing, propane lines, bath, fixtures, water storage, etc, etc. I will PM any of yall that would like the list. We know there are probably some things missed. But he spent three days putting it together. All I would ask in return for him is to go sub to his YT channel. He is one of us. Well back to work for me. These 12-13 hour days 6 days a week are harsh. But the build money is coming in and that's why I can drag my old azz out of bed and do it everyday.
Items recently purchased:
-Propane flare fittings for entire system
-RV fresh water inlet port for filling tank with fresh water
-30 amp RV female outlet for hooking up to shore power
-E-Volt Heat shrink butt crimp connectors . Different gauges . Enough to do complete electrical system with much left over.
Not much...but baby step nonetheless. One more week then going on a bigger shopping online trip. Thanks everyone !
P.S. The build will probably move to sometime first month or two of next year. This contract will be over and I may have time to be there for the build myself. Just an update for the great folks that looking to come lend a hand.
Hello Everyone ! I've been busy working my butt off. I've been buying all kinds of stuff for my build. I even bought 2nd bus. Yes...a 2nd bus for parts and/or sell. Just towed it back to TX. LOL. I've been getting alot of advice and help from my now good friend YT'er Howie Roll. The 2 vids below are his talking about my bus #1 and then bus #2. He stopped by Little Rock, AR for 2 weeks working on it. Great all around guy. 
Vid #1.  
Van Life:Everything Needed For A Build

Vid #2
This is from the two weeks we worked on the bus. He did 95% of the work. I was at work darn near the whole time.
From Hero To Zero -- Van Life
Today me and another friend worked hard on bus #1. Removed the 400 ft of hoses and lines that used to go to the rear a/c. 
[Image: sb91srl.jpg]

Then we removed the fan/coolers etc from underneath...
[Image: OYNOFj9.jpg]

I think all that we removed weighed prob 300 lbs. 

Lastly we replaced the thermostat on the engine cooling system. 

More work tomorrow. Then back to Little Rock, AR for another month and half. Probably have a month off work. So then it will be big time build time.  
 The new name for my rig is "Free Range" , Thank you everyone ! Stay tuned !  David
Oh that so sucks. All that work and still won’t start Sorry!
(11-24-2018, 04:35 AM)Cammalu Wrote: Oh that so sucks. All that work and still won’t start   Sorry!

Bus #1 (Free Range) starts and runs. Think it may have blown head gasket. Hence that why I bought bus #2 that we couldn't get running. BUT...I found out the most likely culprit...ecm (engine computer module). And the plus side is that my good friend has an extra used one in great condition that he has shipped to the family ranch for me. That saved me about $500. I also removed the old second battery for the diesel engine that is mounted on the frame underneath and replaced it with a brand new 5 yr warranty battery. 

All yall electrical people...I "think" this ecm "Might" not be in good enough condition to operate properly...what do yall think? lmao 
It was completely full of water when I pulled it out of bus #2. 
[Image: 3zb7XYBm.jpg]  [Image: W79JyhEm.jpg]  
[Image: NqD3gzvm.jpg] Stay tuned..little by little my master plan shall come together....not completely of course...or it wouldn't have my character. LOL  David

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