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2018-2019 Southbound FL 1600 miles 54 days
                    Leaving the first week of December 2018
Are you staying in parks? Walmart? Other grocery store lots? Vacant lots? Senior citizen centers? Where?
Be sure to take pics!

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  • Snikwahjm (06-27-2018)
(06-27-2018, 10:17 AM)Snikwahjm Wrote: Are you staying in parks? Walmart? Other grocery store lots? Vacant lots? Senior citizen centers? Where?

Good point because I forgot to include all the free food banks and pantries. One needs to know how to live off the land while on extended vacations.

The Harry Chapin food bank in Fort Myers is my favorite because they always have fresh bananas.
        First revision now 1382 miles 45 days

Cut Atlantic coastal route south of St Aug and add 3 weeks in Ocala NF 72 degree fresh water springs(3)

Cut out the area around the big lake and add an 8 night stay at Kicco ghost town.

On the west side of the Kissimmee River is KICCO, which is pronounced kiss-oh. It takes its name from the Kissimmee Island Cattle Company that operated here from 1915 through the late 20s. KICCO contributed to the development of central Florida towns such as Kissimmee and Sebring that depended on beef production and river trade. At one time, the KICCO settlement had homes, a bunkhouse, mess hall, company store, ice house, power plant, schoolhouse and even its own steamboat landing!
Even though nearly 100 years have passed, KICCO is a place where you can go to get the real feel of "old Florida." In this region you will enjoy a rich patchwork of habitat extremes from scrub to marsh.
Experience the ambience by camping at any of five primitive campsites equipped with picnic tables, bicycling a ten-mile (one-way) dirt road, hiking 11 miles of the Florida National Scenic Trail, or riding your own horse. Remember your fishing pole. Bass lurk in the waters of the C-38 canal and the oxbows of the Old Kissimmee River.
Been to Sebring, Frostproof and Winter Haven a bunch of times back in the big truck years. Should be smelling very orangey in that area about now.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
The reasoning behind front loading the Ocala springs at the beginning of the expedition in December is that ones body will be acclimated to a much colder climate in the Northeast during the month of November. Therefore the 72 degree water will feel more like a warm bath vs. visiting the springs on the return trip in March when you will be more accustomed to the South Florida climate.

The return trip includes a day at Warm Mineral Springs one of Florida's finest tourist traps.

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