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FatvanSS Dragonwagon L.E.
Yep, my furnace also gets too hot to hold your hands (or feet) in front of. This is normal. I think mine is 16,000 BTU so that is a lot of heat coming out of that little opening. It warms the van up pretty quickly too. Just wish it didn't cool off so fast but I am not tearing it apart to add more insulation.

I got a custom made windshield sunshade that is reflective on one side and dark non reflective on the other side. When cold I put the reflective side in. That and reflectix on the windows does well to help hold heat in. Just can't see out. When down for the night, I have an insulated curtain (Walmart) that hangs behind the cab area. I put the pretty side to the front and the white side to the back for light reflection. I also use the curtain at Walmart and such.

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  • Texjbird (03-19-2019)
100w panel is charging nicely,sun doesn't hit it until 9-10 o'clock and at 11 the controller is showing high 90's charge % so a 300-350w panel on the roof should get me by,will be adding a fridge and tv so maybe double up the battery
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  • rvpopeye (03-04-2019), Texjbird (03-19-2019)
controller said 100% when i looked at 12;30 so i didnt use much juice,need to get an adapter for my 17" power hog laptop,that should do it

new furnace fan motor is $60-80 so this summer will pull the furness and give it a good cleaning and lube some bushings
(03-04-2019, 06:50 AM)rvpopeye Wrote: 20's ???
Sounds mild to me.........

Funny how that works isn't it?  20 and above is outside work for me during the winter months in Maine.
Just kidding.
At 70* the joints and lower back start to ache.
At 50* Out comes the wool and then the down at 40*.
At 20* I just want to sit in front of the heater..
At 0* and below I actually do just sit in front of the heater

At 80* the pains start to subside.
At 90* almost there......
95* I'm cured !
Stay Tuned

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minor update but cool to me,i bought a giant load of small logs so had to move the rv up next to the north side of the house so zero sun,rv in the shade,solar panel in the sun,nice and cool in the rv and the battery is getting topped off
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  • rvpopeye (03-18-2019), Texjbird (03-19-2019)

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