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Thought I would share this. I bought a Ryobi green 2200 generator 2 years ago. Fired it up and let it run for a bit. Shut it down and put it away fully expecting to be using it soon. Life got in the way and I didn't get back to it for a year and a half. Pulled it out, fired on second pull. Really quiet, very inexpensive and can be linked with a second gen like Honda. Ryobi, I think is a Home Depot only product which is where I got mine.
I have a Ryobi 18 volt drill with lithium batteries.  I really like it.

How much does your Ryobi generator weigh? 

 I have a gasoline powered Champion inverter generator that is light enough for me to carry.  I like it because it has a 12v outlet and one for 110/120?  I can use it without a battery just plug right into it.   I haven't used it yet. 
 Someday soon I've got to get it up and running.

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