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Miles Irving Adventures mia
We got the opportunity to go to my old home town and urban 'stealth' camp for the weekend... visit with the in-laws, and hang out and catch up with friends.

Found a lovely spot about a block and a half between the river and a 24hr grocery.
On a side street that is little used, mid block, pull-out space. In an area that has, over the last 5-10 years, been 'gentrified' by building a Marriot and a high-end rental apartment building. lol  I was under a tree, so my panels were not immediately visible from the upstairs apartments.
I blame you guys (and some YT channels) for all this going so smoothly.   Cool Big Grin
This was our view-    

Dogs were totally kewl with the whole street-camp idea.
Occasional head-lift during the night to listen - but uneventful night.  I slept great.

No one even looked at us twice.

Except for a local barista that thought what I was doing was  - "Amazeballs that you have the guts to do something like this!"
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probably cursed 

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Sounds like you're doing "amazeballs",,,,,, out stealthin' 'em all !
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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Sweet! Glad you pulled it off without a hitch.
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Great! Glad it worked so well!
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