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24 volt panels
confirming i need 12 volt panels and 24 wont work,or will they?
12v panels are around 17-22 volts (VOC) normally.

24v panels are about twice that. 

If you have 12v batteries and a simple PWM controller, you need 12v panels, and if more than one panel, then they need to be wired in parallel.

If you have or buy an MPPT controller, then those can handle 24v panels, or two 12v panels wired in series.
Wondering about Wandering.
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I have never owned a 12 volt panel and likely never will. Really all that matters is what fills your needs and fits on the roof. If it is 12 volt panels, so be it. some roofs are so cut up that you can not get the big panels up there.
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is there an advantage for 24v? just larger panels?

i see unused extras from residential solar systems on the cheaper side and i haven't measured but

[Image: viQVI1v.jpg]

and i can fiberglass that center roof vent away
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Neat little rig there,Gary
Pros and cons to either.

An important basis for your choice is cost, and typical 12v 100 watt panels are cheap and shipping is usually free or close to it. 

Residential 24v panels are usually physically large and the shipping for a couple of panels can be expensive. These large panels are also heavy, meaning you will probably need help getting them up to the roof and bolted down to a frame. 

Now, if you can find a couple of them locally on CL for a good price, and you will have help mounting them, then those two 'cons' are not a problem.

24v panels can use slightly smaller gauge wire for the same amount of power delivered, but the difference is usually not that important on short runs of wire with a van/RV.

There are other considerations regarding warranties, partial shading, panel tilting, choice of controller, etc.
Wondering about Wandering.
Looks to me like you've got space for two big 24v panels up there, in the 325 watt 700ish watts would be pretty sweet. I've learned that it's far better to be overpaneled, as it can make up for cloudy days, partial shade, etc...
Sunpower 327w are the same size as my 250w's
I don't know that a system can charge when voltage is under charging voltage.
But i do wonder if in marginal conditions, (say twilight in N Minnesota, parked under trees) if having 50v going in helps me- 
Nothing to verse it with, but it charges when there's very little light.

If you understand what I'm getting at.
I guess instead of having the panels putting out 12.8v, they are putting out 25.6, albeit low amps

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