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insect netting?
Please recommend some car window insect netting products and/or strategies.

Thanks in advance! Smile

see: I can ask about simple stuff, too! Wink
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Still broken down, still looking for trustworthy shop to do repair, contract gig closed.
Thanks for your support! Smile
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  • American Nomad Patriot (05-12-2018)
When the camper is open I think the magnetic-edge large nets would be required.

When my camper is closed I use a screened Maxxfan near the cab to push/pull air through a screened vent on the rear of the vehicle:

[Image: IMG_20170930_145340.jpg]
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  • Kaylee (05-11-2018)
Thanks my Quiet-Crane-Brother! Smile

I should have been clearer (and more verbose)...

This is for a car (compact stationwagon), for boondocking this summer, mostly at altitude (to keep cooler) probably in Colorado/etc.
I plan to sit in the back seat of my car for prolonged periods, working on my laptop (have only ever done that briefly fron the front seat).
I've never been to the Rockies, so have no idea what the insect life is like, though I gather ticks are generally not an issue. Smile

I just did some digging on Amazon, and am thinking of ordering these two:

I gather both have issues.
It's not clear whether the AmazonBasics will stop no-see-ums.
The Coghlans definitely won't (according to the reviews).

Both ship fast (I did the one-week Prime thing), and will get to me before I Launch on May 16th. Smile

There's also a highly rated no-see-um sheet, but it wouldn't get to me in time.

I understand that I will have to experiment and tweak to get the best working solution. Smile

Due to some admin issues, I expect to spend the first two to four weeks in eastern SD, then northern MN/WI/MI, before going to the Rockies.
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, "Serenity", Firefly

Still broken down, still looking for trustworthy shop to do repair, contract gig closed.
Thanks for your support! Smile

Military-quality tech keeps bloodsuckers at bay.
U.S. Military Surplus Mosquito Netting, Olive Drab, New
Item # WX2-698729

Mfg. Number: 6206-09
UPC: 885344743512

5 stars
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[Image: 698729_ts.jpg]
I bought a traditonal African net made by someone I sponsored years ago. Issue non jungle types see bugs like rain. Doesn't work that way two defence barriers one at the entrance and then one over the sleeping area. Spread wide so you don't lie againt it! Its like bubble wrap for bugs.

The bed net is cool check amazon as I cant get to USA amazon here. They are treated with a little Pyrmetion or whatever chemical or not treated. But the treated if you want to be safe and untreated if you want to roll the dice. Only a few places in the USA have Malaria and Zika. But save the chemical internet gleened anti this and that for your own decision. I have had malaria twice regular and cerebral. I used to be able to math in my head now I can't and ten years of exposure to AFRICAN treated nets and I still don't have cancer.

On a design note you can tie dye them and make them look very funky.
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When in my minivan, wherever stealth was not needed I used solar screen.

I cut screening to size and sewed on ring magnets, to magnetically attach screening to the outside of windows.

Where the screening was not directly touching the windows, it provided shade so the windows didn't get burning hot in the sun.

It also allowed me to roll windows up or down at my leisure without any bugs getting in.

It made daily setup and tear down a bit more of a pain, but when we had to park in full sun for months last year it was a lifesaver!

car window bug screens
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
You Tuber Backroad Vanner has done a video on how to measure and install screens on a vehicle.  He demonstrates on his van.  The install is for the inside using a snap in system.

I got lucky a few years ago and found new in their original packaging 4 wide roller shade screens from Lowes behind a store going out of business.  Missing brackets but all the screen is good. 

 Also in Walmarts camping/outdoor sections I've seen those sets of screens for house doors that have the magnets that are supposed to snap together when you pass thru them.  Since they are long they might fit across 2 doors if put on sideways on the outside with magnets.  There are all sizes on the internet and some don't seem to very expensive.

If a car is small enough I wonder if a cheap screen room would be able to be rigged as a screen garage?  Could be big enough for outside cooking or lounging in.  For longer stays than just over night? 

 I was looking for a popup awning and could barely lift one with both hands in it's case & I tried several.   I thought that if I can Barely lift and carry one that setting it up would be in the zero to two range for me with my neck and back intercoursed up as they are.

I found a screen room that I can lift and carry in it's case. On sale for about $50.   I have things I need to open and setup before my next trip anywhere.  When I get lucky enough to travel more that 50 miles that is.

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  • frater secessus (05-13-2018)
When I was van-camping I used some window screening (fiber, not metal) I bought at WM, cut to size, and then glued on some of those strong magnets. 

I got the idea from skeeter-beaters.
Wondering about Wandering.
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  • Motrukdriver (05-12-2018)
Cool, Ballwin Missouri is a suburb of St.Louis so I can just take a jaunt up there for some skeeterbeater fabric.
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