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Recently I heard of a lady that I know, who's brother died, and he left his entire estate, worth just under a million, to her two daughters, (his nieces). Nothing to the lady, (his sister) even tho she took care of him for years, and helped straighten out all his affairs before and after death.

I have a friend who is leaving his entire estate, worth around a half million, to a local charity.. he has no children...and no money at all to his brother or nieces and nephews. The charity is worthy, yes, but entirely well-funded now, and he is a regular church-goer...and nothing at all to the church or relatives in need? 

Another (now deceased) friend of mine left his meager estate to one employed son, but not the other un-employed son, and none to his ex-wife, who was near penniless. The penniless son and ex-wife were allowed to 'work' for some small pay, to clean up the house and yard, which took a couple of months...

My own family situation was similar, all the assets were divided, and the one sister who spent years of her life caring for my mother, only got what everyone else equal percentage...more or less.

Why do people do what they do?

There is no logic applied, it seems.
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I'm gonna write out about half a dozen extremely confusing wills with everything left to everyone that screwed me over in the past and laugh on my death bed knowing the fight that is about to happen. Assuming I out live everyone I love of course and at the rate it's going, that is a very real possibility.
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Everyone also needs to fill out the ICE (InCase of Emergency) contact in their phone.
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I think it's a posthumous "screw you". I'm glad I have nothing to leave, whatever pittance might leftover goes to my wife.
Some of the worst of human behaviour I've witnessed was around a death in the family. Ah well.
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Off topic but I just accidentally rated this thread 1 star. Tried to undo it, couldn't. Then tried to rate it 5 stars if nothing else. Said I already rated the thread. Anyways, ignore the rating, was accidental.

As to this thread topic, some(most?) people are petty as hell. I kinda feel pity for them.
There ya go Wabbit, I gave it five stars for balance.
Yes. I had 3 years of 24/7 and my sisters went in the house and took anything of value and we share equally in the will except my sister is taking first choice of some stuff she shouldn’t... yup predators get all the good stuff but I had my parents final years. They have the grief and I am pretty ok with their passing. I probably won’t ever see either one of my sisters again so they won’t ever have to look me in the eye.
Good thread, I've often wondered how and why people leave things the way they do. It sure can bring out the nasty side of some people too. I've seen family's divided, broken, fighting, you name it, over the way an estate was left and who it was left to.

I've always thought wills should require a brief description for their decision to clear up the confusion that can ensue afterwards. My best friend's family had a 3 year court battle to settle his grandfather's estate. And that was the hang up the entire time, lawyers, judges, and family members all trying to figure out what the "grandfather" wanted.
Yeah my family went thru some drama when our parents died....

My personal thoughts are that those who deserve it most, and would benefit the most, should be at the top of the list...not just those who smelled the money and worked in the last few weeks or months to favorably include themselves in the will.

But the wishes of the dying need to be respected, of course. 

Many years ago, I dated a lady who was one of three sisters, who's mother passed away, and even tho the other sisters were completely absent during the last years of the mother's life, they all got an even 3-way split of the monetary part of the estate. 

But a large chunk of the remaining estate was a HUGE house that my g/f had been living in with her mother, taking care of her and seeing to all of her needs, cleaning the house, buying food, paying bills, fixing meals, running errands, taking her mother to the doctors, repairing things with her own money, as needed. 

After it was all said and done the other sisters sued my g/f to sell the house and split up the proceeds. This had to be done, and in the end, because of complications in the will, and the power of the lawyers, my g/f ended up with little to show for her efforts, and basically broke even on the house, after all the expenses of the sale and repairs.

The two other sisters ended up with nice little lumpsum payouts for almost no effort on their part.

Nobody ever said life was fair...and neither is death.
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