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My Path to [No]MadNess
(05-06-2018, 02:05 AM)S Cello Wrote: Hi No Mad, welcome to the forum. I've been one of your youtube subscribers since the beginning and have enjoyed following your unique build.

Hey, S Cello ...

Glad SOMEONE is keeping an eye on me!  I get into trouble easily!   LOL!

(05-06-2018, 06:05 AM)Motrukdriver Wrote: So you made it over here to the dark side huh?  Well, welcome to the forum and I'm sure you already know just about everyone here.

Hey, MoTruk ...

Yah, Tx2Stugis dragged me over.  So, if I get injured here, I have someone to sue!  Big Grin
Yep, seen a few familiar handles ... feels like old times!

I felt sorry for him flopping around on the beach over there...

Big Grin
Wondering about Wandering.
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  • NoMad YesHappy (05-06-2018)
(05-05-2018, 05:17 PM)NoMad YesHappy Wrote: Hmmm ... cool mod!  I'm assuming you added tension to the counter balance spring, or do you just muscle it up?  I'm taking notes on the ramp stanchions ... I need to build a couple of those for our rig.   ...and a sizable list of other details.  Big Grin

You could increase the spring torsion, but I did not, and the door is just a tad heavier to lift from horizontal, but, I will be adding a spare tire carrier to the door and so I might want to adjust the spring torsion afterwards.

The ramp stands are simple: old 4x4 post bolted to 2x6 wood, with...don't laugh, hockey pucks glued on the top as rubber 'bumpers'. You could get fancy and paint the wood, or use commercial trailer stands...but the hockey pucks protect the door when deployed. And this was stuff I had on hand...why buy, when you can 'make'...

When I un-hook the truck from the trailer, I will normally put a pair of aluminum trailer stands under the rear of the trailer frame to steady it. 

A small plastic stepstool makes it easy to step up when in 'deck mode'.

BTW, I painted the floor and ramp with garage floor paint with anti-skid makes the ramp door less slippery, especially when wet!
Wondering about Wandering.
I saw the first picture and would like to see more.  Where might that be?
(05-06-2018, 11:06 AM)weigh2ez Wrote: I saw the first picture and would like to see more.  Where might that be?

Hey, Weigh2EZ ...

Here's where I hang out online:

YouTube: Videos
Flickr: Still Photos [for those with limited bandwidth]
FaceBook: Mix of the above.

Latest vid ...
#0091: "The New Life Begins 6" - 2018 May 20, Sunday
7 minutes and 50 seconds
Our next camp, departure date, pic of the trailer with pods deployed.
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  • Blacktank (05-20-2018)
Hi NoMad - Do you have a video of the pods being deployed? If so, linkee? If not, any chance you might want to make one? Best of luck with everything! Hope the budding romance is the forever kind!
sikaflex is the go to goo

if i understand correct you want to create a rise so the water wont flow somewhere? i would check home depot trim/1/4 round and see if anything would work or just get a small fiberglass kit and make whatever
just an example,you can find them anywhere and different quantities
Smile  Hello Nomad & Welcome!

I remember when you posted a video or was it pics?  on your "level/layer system" of sorting and packing your SUV.
I'm glad you guys have room to stretch out now.

Jewellann & Queenie
               AND I STILL HAVE MOST OF IT LEFT        
         MY  Heart  IS GOOD....BUT OH THIS MOUTH

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