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The 11th Commandment

Pot is still illegal in Vancouver BC. People are doing 10 plus years (busted nine years ago) for holding quantities of cannabis Vancouver PD and RCMP wave down the road today.

What can be sold and what is legal, when it comes to vehicles is super convoluted. I can buy a Dodge Ram Powerwagon in Canada but I can't go to Washington state and buy a Dodge Tradesman and install a two-inch lift suspension system (making it the same as the power wagon) and bring it back into Canada. Legally!  It is a lifted truck and can't be imported as such.

People do it all the time.
People put aircraft landing light on trucks all the time too.

I too get frustrated by tuner-geeks rolling blue projectors, as cockeyed as there grandmothers glasses. Running yellow fog lights below the projectors with cool green neon surrounds because it looks like their favourite Magna cartoon car. It isn't legal and it is dangerous and for people like me that have additional rods over cones in their eyes, it can be painful. I use sunglasses at night in some areas. Super frustrating when you get scolded by a cop for wearing them even if you can read the ticket he just gave you with them on. A cop can give you a ticket in Canada for driving in bare feet.

The US isn't too different in bizarre laws and lackadaisical enforcement.

It called the SCA. Stupid C876 Act. It is how law enforcement chooses to apply means to move you on. Search your car. Create issues for you. Because they have decided you are a long hair hippy and are likely to kill the local cat population and create a pain in the ass for them. So they hit you a 275 dollar fine for having your KC Daylighters uncovered, another five for having your back up lights on a switch, and since you are squawking about your rights and being a citizen they pull the window tint meter and tire tread depth meter and impound your car for being not road worthy. Meanwhile, Joe Calabasas millionaire lawyer drives by with his 500,000 dollar EarthRoamer and they wave. I believe Sternwake has probably seen or been subject to, this type of treatment. It is frustrating.

I think he was trying to save you from the same experience. You took it as a personal attack on your intelligence/character.

Take the information in the spirit it was intended. Just because they sell it doesn't make it legal. For Offroad use only could mean lights, as you intend to use them, must be covered, or in some cases, off-road equipment has been legally defined as inoperable on the road. You have to pull the fuse or flip a breaker.

Beam patterns of offroad lighting was a great suggestion. I only stumbled over this a few weeks ago, bored and doing research. Turns out what I thought I knew was wrong.

Deep breaths, Sabi Sabi, or WOOSAA and RESET!
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  • GotSmart (05-02-2018)
You heathens have crapped all over my 11th commandment, this thread needs an exorcist.
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What’s it supposed to be about anyway?
^^From the first post...

"Thou shall not kill thy Eurovan's aerodynamics"

It's a "fun" thread, so have fun with it. 8-)
(05-02-2018, 08:11 AM)Mr.LooRead Wrote: You heathens have crapped all over my 11th commandment, this thread needs an exorcist.

Now the job of exercising Euro vans pays how much?   Huh  and how can you tell we are heathens?
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^^Love your siggy...
(05-02-2018, 11:25 AM)GotSmart Wrote:
(05-02-2018, 08:11 AM)Mr.LooRead Wrote: You heathens have crapped all over my 11th commandment, this thread needs an exorcist.

Now the job of exercising Euro vans pays how much?   Huh  and how can you tell we are heathens?

i got paid nothing and we have seen a picture of you
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  • GotSmart (05-02-2018)
not sure how much your roof rack wind deflector helps with aero but it should cut down on any noise the rack could be making
I always wondered about the wind deflectors, as they increase the total amount of frontal displacement and create a partial vaccuum behind it, which the deflected air then tries to fill. I liked the designs of some of them which had slots or holes to decrease the degree of partial vaccuum behind the deflectors, though I have no idea if they were actually effective in reducing drag or buffetting wind noise at highways speeds.

Previous to having Vans I had many roof racks with surfboards on top, and the location of the first rack in realtion to the windshield had huge impacts on wind noise, and this could also be changed with the size of the surfboard on the racks, whether it was in a bag or not, whether it faced nose first or fins first, or how forward or rearward the surfboards were on the rack.

But the solution was always a little more stereo volume and a whole lot less worrying about it.
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Mr Loo I thought it was funny that you were calling for moderation, but it worked.

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