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The 11th Commandment
    Thou shall not kill thy Eurovan's aerodynamics
REAL Good looking van. Good idea too.

I'm pondering 52" 300 Watt  LED Pyle Floodlight strip, to mask the 2 fwd Solar Panels from front view.
300 watts is going to draw 25 amps. why too much load on something not even street legal.

I have a 10-watt led motion detector flood light and just 10 watts can blind you.
May seem like a silly question, can that 300w strip be installed on a street legal vehicle if it's not used on the street?

Which motion flood light are you using Mr.LooRead?

Using it on city street, in town, would be illegal. So would using a MAX 10 Amp 12 VDC handheld spotlight.
If it were illegal, they couldn't sell them.  
You can own a ham radio with no license, and just listen and not break FCC laws.
 Using it, as in transmitting, would be illegal. Foxhunters will be happy to triangulate and find you. 

I need floodlights when I drive in very desolate areas, where there is no light on a no moon night. It is what they are used for. 
I will also wire in a 3 position switch. Might have to dis-assemble it and rewire the LEDs to do that.
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  • Wabbit (05-01-2018)
Yes, off-road lights can be in place but not turned on.

A lot depends on if the state has vehicle inspection laws.

In Florida where there are no inspection monster trucks with 4' tall decapitating bumpers and tires 6 inches outside the wheel wells slinging rain water 20' high and 180 degrees with 6" pointed Ben Hur lug nutz are driven on public highways.

[Image: 71JAM0yUWIL._SL1200_.jpg]
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  • Wabbit (05-01-2018)
LED Hi-Power Strip floodlights are quite popular. ~500 reviews, how many people bought but didn't review? Hard to say.
When going off road I can see where extra lighting would be awesome.
(05-01-2018, 10:07 AM)CosmicVanna Wrote: If it were illegal, they couldn't sell them.  

This is not true.

All the LED retrofit bulbs for headlamps are in fact illegal as are most HID kits one installs into halogen housings.  Most all of them get around the illegality by saying 'for offroad use only' somewhere on the packaging, but nimwit tuner dude thinks blue flood lights blinding everybody is cool, and convince themselves they can see better.

Contempt for humanity rising.

These LED light bar wattage are usually halogen rated equivalent light. Meaning its output would equal 300 watts of halogen.  But some legitimately pull the wattage that  they say they do.

Many states it is illegal to not have them covered on the street, though enforcement is unfortunately lax.

I have a pair of 18 watt LEDs that come on with my high beams, that basically double the amount of light thrown down the road.  They are illegal but if I am blinded by one of these self imortant arrogant dipshits with excessive and illegal forward lighting, I return the favor of spots before my eyes.

Don;t get me started on 'fog' lights, as they are mostly fashion accessories that do not have anything resembling a legitimate light pattern for driving in fog, and even the very few legitimate pattern fog lights, are only useful at speeds below 25MPH.  The idiots you see driving with their 'fog lights' on are in fact not only causing excessive glare to oncoming drivers, their light pattern causes more foreground lighting, which constrict the human pupil, letting in less light, resulting in poorer vision.

Freaking disgusting.

The self styled lighting 'improvements' seen on so many vehicles makes the roads more dangerous, due to vicious amounts of glare to oncoming drivers.  Just what you want... the driver driving at you to be blinded with glare, all so you can see better.
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  • Wabbit (05-01-2018), Scott7022 (05-02-2018), Blanch (05-02-2018)
Covering them would be a pain unless they are installed lower than the roof for me.

How's your blood pressure Sternwake? Kidding! 8-)

I used to flash my highs at people who had theirs on, now I just keep my eyes on the white line to the side of the road. I don't do this because I am nice, I do it because it's better for me to keep calm.

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