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Targa Newfoundland Rally 9/17-21-18
Who's with me for a road trip to maritime Canada (NB NS NF PEI) starting in August 2018?

On the Rock with the Trailer Park Boys: 
The Targa Newfoundland Rally
Fuel in NF is 1.34/l. 4 litres is $5.36 + US to Can exchange rate is $1.28 = 1 gal 9 oz of gasoline is $6.86 in US funds
Interesting, but all competitors are required to have a "competition driving license" which probably leaves most of us out.


I don't like to make advance plans.  It causes the word PREMEDITATED get thrown around in the courtroom!
I'm NOT crazy!  My mother had me tested! Cool
I have my SCCA pilots license. Racing licenses are usually called pilots license. I only remember this as I got pulled over a couple of weeks ago and it was a marked PC so I stopped and I took out my international license, no expiration date, as it is tied to your provincial license. Took out my BC drivers license and it is expired!! My SCCA (sport compact car association) was not so I handed it and my international to the cop who looked and then waved me on.

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