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Verizon unlimited 4G $5 a month
Today I tested the theory that tethering the hotspot would do better on long downloads and uploads when tethered. It was not easy to get the 1 gig download to finish with the 6620L and I wasted a day trying to get a video to upload with the 7730L. Today I tethered the 7730L and had no issues uploading a video.

On a different note Crackle plays on both the 6620L and the 7730L.
(06-09-2018, 12:25 AM)justjim Wrote: Today I tethered the 7730L and had no issues uploading a video.

I forget, what device do you tether it to?
Yesterday it was the 7730L that I tethered my laptop too.
(06-07-2018, 12:23 AM)justjim Wrote: These hotspots have no throttling that I know of. I was well over 22 gigs last month

If we end up getting one we could thoroughly test that out. My fiance routinely uses over 200 gigs/month due to Twitch streaming as downloading video games and updates.

So far we're waiting on weboost to send us one more part, and then we'll be testing out the RV-65 model, which they're graciously sending us the parts to for free.

Haven't yet upgraded my 3G hotspot. Though in other places it's worked fine, here even with the 4G-X booster it still often doesn't get enough signal to register on speed tests, or else just barely so. We seem to be in a very odd dead zone....we're in the suburbs, but talking on the phone driving home will be just fine and then it cuts out only the moment I'm backing into our driveway. EVERY TIME. It is that predictable. No other coverage issues anywhere outside of our driveway. It's bizarre.
I have some of those odd dead spots around me,  luckily not at my house.  But I know the exact three spots on my road i'll lose a call and everyone in the area regardless of cell networks knows the spots too.  

Wonder why those spots exist?
They exist because it is not profitable and sometimes not even possible to blanket every inch even of a metro like Denver which had many dead spots. In some places like the Rockies it is the live spots that are rare. Mini and micro cells are the answer in cities but not out on the road. They are much cheaper to build and pin point filling of need but are also shorter range.

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