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Predator generators
Did you run it a lot, very little, keep fresh gas in it or run it dry between runs? Just looking for the normal culprits.

Personally I am all for the lower cost gear to be worthy of our consideration. The biggest difference between my Sportsman and a Honda is the piston sleeve. So if you are going to run it all day every day, buy the Honda. Otherwise for as little as I actually use the Sportsman it will take forever to wear out the sleeve. When it does wear out it is $152 to replace the whole generator. That's less than the repair bill for a Honda if you do not exercise it, keep fresh gas in it or run it dry between uses.
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  • Texjbird (05-16-2018)
There is a YT video where a fella did a side by side noise test between the Predator and a Honda both about the same size displacement. I think the Predator was a little larger. Noticeable different in noise level. The Predator was several dB quieter than the Honda at both empty idle and with a load. I'm guessing the Predator is quite a bit heavier than the Honda having electric start and onboard battery.


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