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A Morning at The VATech
Yes, it’s a great place to hang. Still clearing land here and making progress planting an orchard.

We came back specifically for Dr appointments and I need a couple of operations. Found out that I’m not a good candidate for one and the other (getting a rod taken out of my femur) can’t be done because my leg is still broken.

Guess I’ll keep hobbling around until I can get that done. I’m getting a big steroid shot in a knee this morning and I’m really looking forward to some pain relief.

It looks like we will be here for awhile longer if anyone is coming through this area be sure to stop in (western Kentucky)
I'm happy to report that my bum knee has healed so I'm back to superman status once again. Ripped out the 1/2 bath in the rental remodel yesterday. Today I'm planning on taking down all the kitchen cabinets in preparation for re-plumbing the place. When ever I see Western Kentucky written down or spoken I immediately think of John Prine. Loved my time over there when I ran out of Owensboro for a couple of years.

Mo, they are just out of Owensboro.
Cammilu, you did not need more bad news.
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