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Putts putts in Putt. (pic heavy)
Men in kilts... Should be required!! Big Grin
viajes seguros
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  • Cammalu (03-19-2018)
(03-19-2018, 07:26 AM)RepublicOfTXPatriot Wrote: As soon as my decals "#NomadLivesMatter" get to me I'll send you one. Feel free to cut off the name at the bottom.

The decals arrived today...well the first order. I have three to give away at the moment. More available for free soon too. Putts get one. Anyone else that wants one ..PM me with your shipping info. I'm paying for shipping too. I ordered them to help support a fellow nomad vandweller starting his new business on the road. Yes ..that's me. Feel free to leave the name of the guy off the bottom..or not when you apply it.  The lettering is in black on these. The rest are coming in four other colors. Only the words/emblem come off onto surface.  My gift to YARC's and all here on the forum.   David 
[Image: ZrDDPOem.jpg][Image: pNNqaNvl.jpg]
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  • Ballenxj (03-19-2018), AbuelaLoca (03-20-2018)
Shit just got real.

I'm editor of a website ( but work for a group of publications (Stereophile, Analog Planet, AudioStream, Shutterbug, Sound and Vision) that was owned by The Enthusiast Network (TEN), which is a huge men's enthusiast publisher with titles like Motor Trend, Surfer, Snowboarder, and Skateboarder. In the age of the internet publishing paper magazines is a tricky business. More than tricky, really, rather like trying to keep buggy whips relevant. 

Anyway, TEN has been "right-sizing" the company for quite a while, and the lastest change was they decided to sell our group because we are rather odd relative to the rest of the company---we're very nichey and small...but we're healthy and make a profit. So they decided that we were a nice little asset they could sell off and make a buck. Which they just did.

We were bought by a U.K. magazine called HiFi News and Record Review; a magazine that's less than 1/10th the size of our group. Usually investors buy companies for their bottom line, but in this case, it seems, the guy's interest in the group is primarily to expand his editorial empire. In other words, We now have a new editorial boss, not a new owner. John Atkinson, Editor in Chief of Stereophile (our main money maker and most respected high-end audio mag in the world), is livid.

The purchase was consummated a couple weeks ago, and a couple days ago 6 people were fired and two magazines were reduced to 6 issue per year. More rightsizing.  Dodgy  Had some good friends in that bunch.

There's three audio websites that don't have paper pubs. Analog Planet (turntables) run by Michael Fremer and InnerFidelity (headphones) run by me were kept intact. He and I are pretty widely acknowledged as world's premier reviewers in our field. But Michael Lavorgna from AudioStream (computer audio) was well known, but not "The Man" in his field....he got the axe.

So now, the new owner, who's a jerk---that's been independently verified to me by quite a few people outside our group before the firings, and he did seem that way when I met him a few weeks ago---has decided that I'm going to manage the content he sends over to me from Europe for AudioStream. In other words, I'm now the editor in chief for another website....either that or his digital clerk.

It really doesn't matter much because I've decided it's time to turn around, drop my pants, and give them a good whiff of my spider bark. 

Yep. I got maybe two weeks until I retire! Woooooot!

So, it's gotten real real for me now. I'm on the fast track to pulling out of my driveway. Got O. M. G. lots of stuff to do to make the house ready for sale...lots. And I've got to do it as quickly as I can as I'll be living off credit cards for the next few months until I sell the house. Fortunately, the Bozeman real estate market is hot, hot, HOT, so it should sell rather quickly.

I'm excited as hell, obviously, but the stress level just jumped up from mild to manic. Wish me luck, I'll need all I can get.

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  • Snikwahjm (04-09-2018), Cammalu (04-09-2018), AbuelaLoca (04-09-2018), heron (06-23-2018)
Hoooorayyyyy! Putts on the road like he was meant to be!!!!

Where are you going first????
(04-09-2018, 06:23 AM)Cammalu Wrote: Hoooorayyyyy!  Putts on the road like he was meant to be!!!!  

Where are you going first????

He is going to visit the Bimbo bread company and show them the potential for a bread truck in its next life!  

Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated 
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  • Putts (04-09-2018), Snikwahjm (04-09-2018)
(04-09-2018, 06:23 AM)Cammalu Wrote: Where are you going first????

Anywhere I want.  Cool 

Actually, that's not quite true. I'll probably be staying in the Bozeman area through September. I'm guessing I'll have the house ready for sale by June. I expect it will sell quickly. I've begun talking with a local custom shop that does all manner of vehicle modifications (they build everything from desert racers to a wood fired pizza oven food truck) about an engine swap. My current engine is a VT365 (basically a Powerstroke 6) which has a number of known bad issues (stretching head bolts, leaky EGR cores, turbos that self distruct). It would cost $12k to fix it really nicely, but it's still a complex engine.  I'll be having a crate Cummins 5.9 liter 12 valve swapped in. Probably cost about $20k, but then Putt will be rock solid reliable and every diesel mechanic in the world knows how to work on them.

I'll also be replacing the current 30 gallon fuel tank as it's a bit corroded, and will add a 60 gallon extra tank on the passenger side.  I'm looking forward to the range, but I also really need it because I've planned for it and am currently too heavy on the driver's side. I'll also be switching from dualies in the rear to big singles all the way around. That way it'll track better on dirt roads and won't pick up rocks between the dual rears. (It's what they do to Forest Service fire trucks and the like.) My guess is it's cost me around $30k all told.

I also need to square away all my personal stuff. Get on the right cell phone plans for the road. Re-register Putt as an RV and get it insured. Apply for Social Security. Make sure medical insurance is all in place. Sign up for roadside assistance with someone or other. Get a mail forwarding service. You know, switch over to all the stuff for van life.

So, to answer your question in some sort of satisfying way, I'll find me some spots up in the foothills around town where I can camp but still have cell service as I wait for the custom shop to get all the bits in. I've also got my son and my best friend where I can shower and squat in the driveway when I need to be around town. 

Then......once all that is done, probably by September/October, I'll do a little local run up to Kalispell Montana where I bought Dart and say "Hi!" and let Dart meet his mom. Maybe do 1000 miles of wandering in Montana to shake down the new engine in a place where I'm close enough to high-tail it back to Bozeman if there's any issues.

At that point I'll be done in Montana and really ready for the road.

I think I'll be going to Jamie's van build party this November. I'd like to help out some, I've got some skills now, and it's a good way to meet people in the community. Then to Slab City for Christmas and New Years.  I've been once before at that time of year and had fun. Then off to the RTR and visiting with youz guyz! Woot! After that, I'll prolly end up hanging with people I've met 'til winter is over. 

During that time I'll also be designing my future custom rear bumper with motorcycle and spare tire rack, and roof rack for more solar panels. Come spring I'll return back to Bozeman to have the custom shop build the bumper and roof rack. Then I'll buy my motorcycle and the new solar panels and get Putt fully rigged up and terms of the major build components.

After that, early summer 2019, who knows. Probably up into Canada for a little while. Then down the coast visiting friends. At that point the answer really does become, "Anywhere I want."
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  • Cammalu (04-09-2018), S Cello (04-09-2018), AbuelaLoca (04-09-2018), heron (06-23-2018), Texjbird (07-31-2018)
hostile takeovers,expensive diesels and fat tires oh my

after all them montana winters you deserve some with sand between your toes and a mai tai in your hand in january
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  • Putts (04-09-2018)
(04-09-2018, 09:14 AM)Gary Wrote: after all them montana winters you deserve some with sand between your toes and a mai tai in your hand in january

Damn right!

I guess I should add that I will be doing some winter camping in future. Dart likes snow too much to deny him the pleasure. But not a WHOLE winter! Maybe just some time high in the mountains in spring or fall.
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  • rvpopeye (04-09-2018)
Nice of them to help you with your future plans away from that crap (reminds me of the way ALL bands seem to break up ! Just as I was getting the show down to "perfect" .....) Rolleyes
Be sure to tell the new boss why as it "might" make it better for those staying on... It COULD happen !

Welcome to the open road , (I think I remember what that was like). Huh

If you need anything I can help with , send me a PM , aww hell send one anyway once in a while ! Cool

Hey Dart...SQUIRREL ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

Dart! Come! ... Dart! ... Come! ...

Sheesh. Now look what you've done, Popeye. 

You can bet your sweet bippy they're going to get some remarks they aren't going to like to hear. It'll be very politely with the motive of making their way forward without me, but at the end of the conversation the new boss is going to feel like his investment in the group may be at significantly more risk moving forward than he may have thought.

He may not though, he's quite the self-assured narcissist.
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  • heron (06-23-2018)

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