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My New RV.
kinda long shot but craigslist for parting out motorhome or rv salvage might be able to find the right generator,once you get some solar a small portable gen should get you buy the cloudy days
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  • shadow (04-20-2019)
I was going to start working on my
solar today, but it started raining, and
it's still raining.
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Make sure you clamp the solar panels down real good. Mr Snik, my X husband didn’t. They always have rattled and they slide. I think maybe pool noodles pieces or something might keep it from railing so much.
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  • shadow (04-20-2019)
(04-19-2019, 05:48 PM)shadow Wrote: I called Amazon today, and they were very easy to deal with. They are sending a return label directly to ups for
them to pick up the generator and ship it back to Amazon. Once Amazon receives the generator I will get my refund.

Then I will look for another replacement generator, and hopefully I will have better luck with the next one.

I did call the nearest rv dealer to were I live to get a rough estimate to replace the rv generator with a new one,
it was $6500 dollars. That wont be happening anytime soon.
Too bad you're not closer to Michigan as I ave almost 20 Onans all sizes I'm getting ready to Ebay. From 2.5 to 7.5KW & a 4000 watt Microlite. These are all low hour hand picked units as I used to set up remote cabin electrical systems. Onans are great as they run at 1/2 speed of most 1800 rpms & have an automatic choke & are very dependable. I had 2 skid mounted 3 phase 15KW for machine tools. Good Luck!
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  • shadow (04-21-2019)

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