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My New RV.
I while back someone asked for a review of the oxyjenics shower head that I installed in my RV.
After using it at least three times, I can honestly say I did not like it at all. The cone shaped spray pattern is very narrow
and just not much of a spray pattern. So I swapped out the oxyjenics shower head for a regular style shower head that works
much better and has a way better spray pattern.

This is the oxyjenics shower head, it is a nice shower head, but it just doesn`t work well for me.

This is the shower head that replaced the oxyjenics shower head, and in my opinion its much better.
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
The Oxyjenics shower head got a lot of hype when I bought it. They made it out to be a water saver and it isn't. It makes weak pressure water feel like it is higher. It works like a spin tip on a pressure washer spinning a single, thin, high pressure stream in a cone. With good pressure my Ex said that it stung the skin. The other thing is that it doesn't completely shut off and the resulting stream is almost enough to shower with. certainly enough to get wet and soap up. I'd use mine in a park with water and sewer but it uses too much water for boondocking.
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