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Bread truck conversion
I love this, and also agree with everyone else on the weight issue less weight would make it a perfect vehicle to live in and i guess as i'm no expert it would save on fuel due to being light weight?
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Almost all the comforts of home.  
"she wishes she could take longer showers"
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  • shadow (01-27-2019)
(01-27-2019, 10:08 AM)Trebor English Wrote: Almost all the comforts of home.  
"she wishes she could take longer showers"

I wish I could take longer showers also, but at least I have a shower, so it is what it is.
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Weight, thick OSB, MDF, 2x4s aside any of the wasted space could be reclaimed at any time either from the inside or outside so that wouldn’t worry me, it gives it some kind of dimension with the different levels. The difficulties in parking/driving, high maintenance, of this rig would be a compromise for having two people living in it, It is way too big for me, but I get it, in order to keep the peace in a relationship, they did a good job overall it looks very easy/ comfortable to live in and nice that you can separate at times with the doors into the bedroom. They obviously have money or some kind of income to support the operation and maintenance of a rig of this size. I wouldn’t want to drive it down some of those narrow European city streets. This rig would work better in North America or Australia. To each their own, I am sure they enjoyed building it and as with everything they will find it’s shortcomings as they use it more. I would have liked a way to get from the cab into the living area without going outside.

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