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Fuse Block Labels - Optimistic Paranoid - 02-14-2018

Many of us use fuse blocks from Blue Sea Marine, arguably the best aftermarket fuse blocks available.  They come with sheets of labels that make it easy to label the fuses, but, being intended for boats, many of them are for things like Anchor Lights and Bilge Pumps and similar useless-to-us items.

A 4X4 shop in CA is now selling a sheet of labels that would be far more useful to us:

RE: Fuse Block Labels - RoamingKat - 02-14-2018

Renovated a house that was the home of a sailor...apparently. The circuit breakers were labeled "forward bulkhead, aft cabin, And so forth. Very irritating to deal with. Wasted a lot of time flipping circuit breakers to see what turned off.

In the RV, I wrote the labels on the wall space inside the little cabinet door that is an access hatch. But..what do you do with a cable that feeds power to the entire switch panel?

RE: Fuse Block Labels - rvpopeye - 02-15-2018

"Main Feed"