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Oven - Gunny - 02-13-2018

I haven’t used the oven in this trailer, I’m pretty sure it’s never been used. Curious if the temperature is accurate or do I need a thermometer inside.?


RE: Oven - BCGuy - 02-14-2018

Can't go wrong with a thermometer.

RE: Oven - Texjbird - 02-14-2018

Smile  Mornin' Glory

In my apartment the elec. stove is a small one that's called apt. size the same size was in my last home in SD.  On both of these I have had to set the oven on 25 to 60 degrees less than recipes call for.  In my TTs that had ovens they were about the size of a large toaster oven.  I usually cooked in those ovens on the trial and error method.   

Now I mostly bake at 350 degrees and keep a close eye on things in the oven.  Unlike my one of a kind Blackened French Toast and Biscuit Bottoms my Cornbread has yet to become far Big Grin

A thermo-meter would take a lot of the adventure and mystery out of your cookin'/bakin' episodes. Sad

Walk On The Wild Side Tongue

Got a fire extinguisher?  


RE: Oven - TedOnWalkabout - 02-14-2018

I've been using the oven on my trailer 4-6 times a week since I've gotten it. It's been doing okay, though I haven't cooked any breads, cake, cookies or pastries. That would be the true test. Those require exact temperature control. I think I'm gonna get some kind of thermometer before any baking because I don't really trust the oven. It runs cold at higher temps. Hubby has a pizza stone to bake his frozen pizzas, and even when fully preheated, the pizza always takes longer than the directions say.

RE: Oven - rvpopeye - 02-14-2018

I've been using camper ovens for a very long time and the best I can figure is......
Use a thermometer to check the pre-heat temp.
Then check it (and the food) often till it's done the way you like it.

Forget the timer....