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Baby wipes review - Cammalu - 02-12-2018

I guess I've just about tried them all and found them just so so. I tried the name brands down to the generic and out of those I guess I like the Huggies the best.

The real test comes when taking off makeup of if you are particularly dusty. I found that I would use about four on just my face and was still removing dirt and makeup.

One day I noticed there were makeup remover wipes in the makeup section at Walmart. They were a bit more expensive but I got the double pack equate brand and saved money. Frankly I was shocked at the difference. I found I could wipe my face with the Huggies using several wipes until the wipe came back clean and then use the makeup wipes and still get a ton of dirt off. It's was the same for my hands and arms after I had been out for the day on the UTV.

I think they are a bargain as one of those cleans much better than four of the others. They also leave you feeling MUCH cleaner and fresher.

Here's what they look like:

[Image: 89d087cfb9e6d8d698a9e2767670d18a.jpg]

RE: Baby wipes review - TrainChaser - 02-12-2018

How about the actual Bath Wipes? I've seen them, but never tried them.

RE: Baby wipes review - frater secessus - 02-12-2018

Do they have any scent on them? I really hate scented wipes.

RE: Baby wipes review - Putts - 02-12-2018

Are they butt-hole safe?

RE: Baby wipes review - Texjbird - 02-12-2018

Big Grin Hey Ya'll. 
 I'm just guessing here, however if the wipes are O.K. to use on our faces they might be O.K. to use on our nether regions.  Unless a person might be allergic to some of the ingredients in them? 
 If they have alcohol as an ingredient I think it might cause a burning or stinging sensation.
  If we only knew someone who had some & they would try it and let us know.

If we only knew one brave soul who has some.   Rolleyes


RE: Baby wipes review - frater secessus - 02-12-2018

(02-12-2018, 05:21 PM)Putts Wrote: Are they butt-hole safe?

I'd take them out of the box first.

RE: Baby wipes review - Rocki5pr - 02-12-2018

(02-12-2018, 05:43 PM)frater secessus Wrote:
(02-12-2018, 05:21 PM)Putts Wrote: Are they butt-hole safe?

I'd take them out of the box first.

A real van dweller wouldn't need to; they'd just cowboy up and be that tough ....

RE: Baby wipes review - Snikwahjm - 02-12-2018

There are Huggies and there are some huggies at Costco not equal for some reason. They seem thicker.
The Costco Kirkland brand wipes are too thin.

RE: Baby wipes review - Gunny - 02-12-2018

Family Dollar brand. During my flu episode I found them to be durable enough and did ease the irritation. I put them in a baggy and then the trash because of the septic here, no big thing.


Baby wipes review - Cammalu - 02-12-2018

Frater the ones I bought have a pleasant scent but I did see unscented ones also.

Yes, they work much better for a bath everywhere else too.

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