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Putts - Putts - 09-19-2017


[Image: IMG_0660-M.jpg]

Oh my...that ain't right. Let's try that again.

[Image: IMG_1191-L.jpg]

Oh geez...still not right. Hang on...

[Image: IMG_0413-L.jpg]

Good grief. 

[Image: fpalm.gif]

I've got to get my poop in a group. I'll come back and try this again in a bit.

RE: Putts - AbuelaLoca - 09-19-2017

Oh do give us more!! LOL!!

RE: Putts - Queen - 09-19-2017

LOL!!! That second pic looks like a slightly older VespaFitz... you turnin' into a hipster, boy???

Putts - Cammalu - 09-19-2017


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RE: Putts - Putts - 09-19-2017

Obviously, I'm not an introvert...or am I? Really, I don't know. I do need plenty of "me time" to keep my poop in a group but I certainly enjoy having friends.


Since we don't have a "Capitains's Log" area here, Imma just post in the step van/box truck section. A) Because it's friggen empty at the moment (thanks for giving me a place to represent, Gary), and 2)  because....well, I have a step van, and (III) Gotta try something.

Where to begin? 

It's always a little weird at the start of a forum. I reckon content is king on teh interwebs, so the first thing to do in a new forum is post up a bit of content. Read it if you want; ignore it and you won't miss much, but I'm happy to throw it out there. You folks seem like an interesting bunch, so Imma hork out some words out.

This is not a build thread---though there'll certainly be somma that---this is more of a...well, I don't rightly know. I'm just going to talk about my life at the moment and how friggen central becoming a vehicular nomad is in my current world view. It'll be about me and my step van Putt...and probably a bit about my dog Dart.  

Truth be told, I'm curious as hell about you folks and the vehicles you turn into homes. It's a fascinating subject really. It's history can only date back as far as humans have had roads between places. My parents were in the theater, and though I can't call myself a nomad I can confidently claim to have been a gypsy for a large portion of my life. We never lived in a vehicle, but I went to 13 different schools before high school. I think it's a top notch idea and once it got stuck in my head it was all she wrote.

I digress.

I'd love to know about you and your vehicle, I'll tell you about me and mine here.

Putt is a 2005 Morgan Olson step van originally sold to the Chicago Tribune, came to me with 72k miles via the local Culligan Man through the Ford Used Car dealership for $16k...a fair price.

[Image: 20160507_122506-XL.jpg]
If you want all the gory details---and there are some---you can visit my CVRL build thread

Here, if you'll oblige, I'll talk about why I'm building what I'm building. What life I hope it will support. Who I am and why this seems like it will work. And crap like that.

Guess I'm at the point where I gotta think on this a bit more. Imma push the button.

RE: Putts - OutdoorFT - 09-19-2017

Haha that is goooood!

RE: Putts - Putts - 09-21-2017

I'd really much rather get to know you guys around a campfire where we can bathe in the sea of swapped sub-atomic particles. They carry information, you know. Heck they are information...heck, we are too. (Probably shouldn't start introducing myself with quantum physics so I'll stop now.) Compared to that, pounding keys and slinging bits is like beating a mastodon to death with your grand dads leg bone.'s what we got. 

Don't want this passed around to the big board, but my name is Tyll---like on the floor only spelled different. Google my name and you'll find me. Feel free to ask advice on headphones, it's the one thing I actually know about. 

Writing headphone reviews is rather like creating poetry about tractors. Kinda boring really. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I make a difference in how headphones get made; I think that's a worthy endeavor. People deserve to hear the art of music well reproduced...sadly most headphones are crap, and price has no bearing on how good they sound. Pretty sad. 

However, once Dr. Dre got people to believe spending $300 on headphones was a good idea, headphone manufacturers had more money to play with and over the last 5 years or so headphones in general are getting somewhat better sounding---there's a long way to go, however. My reviews are pretty tough on headphones; I evaluate product warts and all. 

Thing is, I've been doing it for 30 years in one way or another and I'm bloody well over it. I've done my bit, people are on the right track, when I walk away from this job I'll have a pair of Bose noise cancelers to keep the racket of my step van at bay and that'll be it. No looking back for me.

I think it was actually Queen who planted the seed when she mentioned CVRL on the motorcycle board we were on. I took one long look and the lightbulb went on: I'm not trapped by my personal economics. I can afford to rig up a vehicle and live in it and retire on SS and the sale of my home. Hallelujah! 

As an aside, I've had three wives and four kids. 401k is long gone. But I've been a good earner and my early SS retirement and home equity should be plenty to live on. My step van Putt will be paid in full by the time I pull out of the driveway....spring of 2019 is the hope.

Being a theater gypsy, the whole van dweller thing clicked real easy in my head and heart. I don't think I'm going to have any significant problems making the transition...well, other than it'll be a bit rougher and less comfortable than sticks and brick. But I am quite used to camping. I've done many back country trips on motorcycles, often with my good buddy Paul. He too will be buying an RV of some type and we'll likely travel together often after he retires some five years from now. Neither of us can stand the idea of fading away in the antiseptic atmosphere and naugahyde couches in the common room of an old folks home.

Imma think about exactly how I came to the conclusion a step van is the way to go for me. Be back soon.

RE: Putts - Queen - 09-21-2017

Hiya, Tyll, I almost called you by name here yesterday but caught myself. Big Grin

RE: Putts - Hepcat - 09-21-2017

GREAT THREAD!!! Keep it up! And I LOVE the photos! Well done!

RE: Putts - Putts - 09-21-2017

Ditto.  I saw someone mention your name here the other day, but wasn't sure if it's cool or not.

And thanks for your CVRL tip years ago. [Image: thumb.gif]