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Washington state - Miltiadis - 03-25-2024

Howdy, I'm a musician who has spent the past few years living out in the mountains out of my big truck-uv.

Usually I'm out in Snoqualmie or Steven's pass, sometimes I go to town to perform, and I've lived all across the country.

I'm apolitical, if I'm not making music, I'm meditating or sauntering out in the woods

It would be great to meet more people who live similar lifestyles in the area

RE: Washington state - rvpopeye - 03-26-2024

Welcome aboard Miltiadis !
Glad to see you're a real dweller ( lotsa botsa knockin').
As a musician , you have been automatically enrolled in YARC for peer support . At least we understand each other...
Hopefully some of the crew will spot this post soon. Pull yer chair up closer to the fire, it's cold up in them thar hills.

RE: Washington state - Kyz - 03-26-2024

Welcome Miltiadis! I knew Popeye would include you in YARC quickly once I read 'musician' in your post. Alas, I'm not that talented, but qualify for being 'ain't right' anyway.

I'm in Louisiana waiting on my shuttle bus build to be done or done enough for a few trips.

Washington state - Scott7022 - 03-26-2024

Welcome to the forum. As the International Nomadic chapter representative iam usually all over the world Kazakhstan was the last trip. But US home base is california and true home, strong and free (or at least it used to be) is BC Canada.

Ill be running up once the chance of snow clears and will certainly make time to make a stop and say hello. Perhaps listen to a set.

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RE: Washington state - Miltiadis - 03-26-2024

Thanks guys

What is YARC? Lol

Khazakstan sounds interesting, one of these days I'd like to visit the region

RE: Washington state - Miltiadis - 03-26-2024

South Cascades are pretty bald already, idk about Shasta or N of Steven's pass. Pretty close though

I'm down to share some wine, a few songs and a spliff

RE: Washington state - shadowmoss - 03-28-2024

You Ain't Right Club

Washington state - Scott7022 - 03-28-2024

“Wine is fine but whiskeys quicker”
Cant do a spliff as it makes me paranoid but I can spark a cigar to cover the scent. Lol. Even though its legal.

Yeah waiting till the end of may before leaving malibu. Kazakhstan was fun Uzbekistan was even more sureal. Listening to whispering dunes could drive you mad as it does sound like talking. Course i know its our brains finding patterns in sound but still very
Eerie. Did all four connected stans in the area. Very cool people. Whole Lotta nothing up in Semipolitance.

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RE: Washington state - Miltiadis - 03-28-2024

Yeah Im still fairly careful about weed, had enough harassment before it was legalized, for a lifetime. Only actually smoke when others are around, otherwise its all edibles and vaping

One of these days I'll visit E Europe, Greece is at the top of the list for overseas travel, not a far jump from there

RE: Washington state - rvpopeye - 03-28-2024

(12-13-2023, 01:37 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: In the beginning ,,,I was a little bored telling newbs how to dump a tank 
and remembering something from my last life , I posted this.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3812]