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Meet Faith - GypsyDogs - 05-17-2020

so.. there was luck had... the planets aligned.....

and this happened.
2004 Roadtrek 190 Pop.C

Drove smooooothly the apx 100 miles home from the stealership in Houston.

Sitting on 2yr old Michelins, has been loved and cared for by the OneOwner PO.. 
Not perfect, needs some tinkering.. but Genny runs tight, AC/HP works great, roof fan works-but rattles like death and has no cover.. this will be addressed as soon as I have a ladder.. and I will be measuring the roof for solar at the same time.

I got it for Several thousands under NADA Low Base Price, so I think I did ok...

Dogs love it.

RE: Meet Faith - GypsyDogs - 05-17-2020

Still getting to know him, but we are already 'bonding'

I need to get that big cargo box off the back, to make way for my bike rack.
I got the rear view mirror glued back on nicely, and I think I fixed the mild leak in the rear window..

The side barn doors and cab doors appear to have new rubber gasketing, there is at least one cab window screen with velcro (Pattern!) and it has hooks in the usual places..

I need to fix the stove cover... it was broken in half, but both pieces are there..
The coach battery seems to take a charge.. will be addressing this further soon.. Wink

RE: Meet Faith - Abnorm - 05-17-2020


RE: Meet Faith - B and C - 05-17-2020

Sounds like you found a steal especially from a dealership. I know PPL motorhomes usually has some good deals too. Fantastic Vents no longer honors their lifetime warranty since they sold so the top replacement you will have to buy. They are not that expensive. Good luck with your new acquisition!

BTW, I love mine even if it is a beast!

RE: Meet Faith - GypsyDogs - 05-17-2020

I am actually contemplating going to the dark-side and going with a Maxxaire Deluxe.... maybe

RE: Meet Faith - GypsyDogs - 05-17-2020

Oh yeah and PO recently replaced gates and rods on the dumper too.

RE: Meet Faith - B and C - 05-17-2020

Maxxair is a viable alternative. They do have a bigger up top footprint that may interfere with solar panels (shading). Be sure to take that into account before jumping Smile

RE: Meet Faith - GypsyDogs - 05-17-2020

but they do not Always have the shadow (if closed) so lower vertical impact then.. because they ride lower to the roof than a Closed FanFan...

And I am thinking using a S/P setup front to back, split at the fan.. so only one set would be impacted at a time..

Like a 150/200 set group then hooked to a 40amp mppt controller.

RE: Meet Faith - B and C - 05-17-2020

I could only easily fit 200 watts on my roof. Measure twice, cut once!

RE: Meet Faith - tx2sturgis - 05-17-2020

Congrats, and what did you have before? Is this an upgrade or a downsize?

How many ticks on the clock?