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lesson learned - GypsyDogs - 07-12-2018

Mental Note:  Make extra sure when your camping companion puts the big camping knife (Scott knows this knife. Weird blade profile, but awesomely wicked sharp) away- that it has, of course, been placed Blade Down....

Accidentally Bisected my finger lengthwise reaching into my kitchen box...  sigh.  Through the nail...OW

Added bonus- free heart monitor!

don't worry, I won't post a picture

RE: lesson learned - tx2sturgis - 07-12-2018



lesson learned - Cammalu - 07-12-2018

Oh hells bells

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RE: lesson learned - GypsyDogs - 07-12-2018

That is A word...

I think, at the time, it went- 
"ow, what did I..Oh F$#& OW! Oh God, ..bleeeeding!! OoWwOW OOooww!!"

RE: lesson learned - Scott7022 - 07-12-2018

Yes, I did marvel at that blade. It looked hungry. Sorry, you had to feed it. But knives, dogs, cats do tend to do what they were born to do. I once stood up after sharpening an AG Russell triple alligator to past surgeon sharp. I had put my hands down on my thighs to push up, blade still in hand. It slipped painlessly an inch into my thigh. I stood looking down at the protruding blade thinking when will the pain start?

RE: lesson learned - MN C Van - 07-12-2018

OMG, you needed stitches?
Blood all over

RE: lesson learned - ratfink56 - 07-13-2018

I have a nice chef's knife. When I bought it I also got a slip on blade (finger?) protector.

RE: lesson learned - GypsyDogs - 07-13-2018

yeah.. this knife is 'retro-vintage'
brains and proper storage function as finger protectors with knives of this era.. lol

Knife has, since the incident, been properly stowed.   Dodgy

RE: lesson learned - American Nomad Patriot - 07-13-2018

I got a scar on my arm from accidently stabbing myself with a new pocket knife my dad gave for Christmas as a young boy. He doesn't belive in dull knives. Any of yall know those toys called "Erector Sets" ? They came in a blue plastic case which was covered in wrapping paper. Yep..I used the new knife to open the gift and my arm. We were too far out in the country to go to a hospital. Mom cut up a brand new bed sheet to wrap up my arm and stop the bleeding. After all was done my Dad just said "Told you it was sharp and to be careful...Hope you learned your lesson son!" LOL.

RE: lesson learned - Snikwahjm - 07-13-2018

We have the WWII chef’s knife out neighbor wrestled off a German...