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New property ideas - Cammalu - 07-10-2018

We found a new property with a house and a mobile home and an old decrepit gas station.

We will fix up the mobile first because it’s the easiest and get it rented then the house which has a bad floor but what to do with this cool old gas station? Walls are block and good. Windows broken by vandals no doubt. Interior filled with junk (we will probably get a dumpster). Roof is mostly gone.

I don’t want to tear it down. I think it could be something cool but what?

[Image: 6d27cd5a91b077ee655f308ca8f49029.jpg]

RE: New property ideas - GypsyDogs - 07-10-2018

take the roof off.. add a quonset roof.. bay doors on either end.. and you'd have a killer RV Parking space/garage! (bonus.. the covered patio area..)

New property ideas - Cammalu - 07-10-2018

A Quonset roof? I’d have to see a pic and check it out. It has to be something easy peasy because we have to do labor ourselves. I did run across this cute pic on line of what someone did: [Image: 12b8316ec212edd95aac875519a8373b.png]

I’d like to paint it up like that but would have to hire it out. Maybe I could find a local artist.

New property ideas - Cammalu - 07-10-2018

Here is the side: [Image: de3fb4e0e7763b8470d55176c48612be.jpg]

I hope the old gas tanks aren’t down in the ground still...

RE: New property ideas - GypsyDogs - 07-10-2018

those arched metal roofs.. just truss and bolts.. choice of arched or peaked.. durable and pretty darn weather resistant.

RE: New property ideas - Anna - 07-10-2018

Can you refurbish it and make it into another home? it'll give you extra income.

RE: New property ideas - Anna - 07-10-2018

Unless you want to lease it out as a coffee store or diner if it's big enough.

New property ideas - Cammalu - 07-10-2018

I would never use it to put my rv in. I’m only a mile or so down the road where I have hookups.

I wonder if I could rent it to a mechanic. There isn’t a shop down in that area.

Or maybe rent it for another business? It’s at least next year before I can do anything with it anyway. Just going to clean it out and board it up for now.

The little town down there has just a convenience store with gas. It’s right next door actually. There is a big Perdue chicken plant that harvests a million chickens a week or something like that. It’s the only employer really.

RE: New property ideas - Riverman - 07-10-2018

A 50's diner... hamburgers, fries and shakes.

RE: New property ideas - justjim - 07-10-2018

You might want to find out about the tanks. They could become a major expense.