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  Interesting read, might help understand solar
Posted by: Motrukdriver - 11-03-2017, 07:32 PM - Forum: Solar/Electrical - No Replies


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  Link to the map
Posted by: Gary - 11-03-2017, 06:16 PM - Forum: Map of Members - Replies (1)


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  Just a 24ft Little trailer
Posted by: IanC - 11-03-2017, 06:12 PM - Forum: Recreational - Replies (5)

For those with simple tastes. A weekend build


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Rainbow Hello from NM!
Posted by: Kathleen - 11-03-2017, 04:46 PM - Forum: Welcome Center - Replies (28)

Hi all, nice to see familiar names & faces. This is kdsanta fe, artist & rock hound. 2005 T & C minivan. Recently moved to a 200 year old adobe with mule deer, coyotes, birds, bees, trees & stone terraces on the back slope. Unremodeled adobe, lots of "character". May post pics for a few laughs. Planning to be at RTR 2018. Hope to see you there!

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  The Great Autumn Purge
Posted by: waldenbound - 11-03-2017, 03:11 PM - Forum: Down sizing and Getting ready - Replies (21)

I too just did a big purge. I got rid of some professional office clothes, goodbye! 
Then me and my neighbor went through the bedroom, and I put all the stuff going with me on one side of the room, and stuff going out on the other side of the room. 

The stuff going in the van, holy crap! I mean holy CRAP!!! I knew mentally what I am taking, and I"m picturing where it is going to go, but damn it's full on that side of the room. It's a good thing I'm taking a cargo hitch on the rear. I really think all that kayak gear needs to be sold off. I just do not physically have the space to deal with it.

It looks overwhelming now, but I can re pack and consolidate. The van is mostly empty and ready to take this stuff in. It's going to be stuffed to the gills for sure. 

I got it pretty much down to the stuff I need for the next 6 months, and prepping for moving. I took a futon to the dump, and some big shelving racks and the clothes to the Goodwill.

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  Dog Food for People
Posted by: IanC - 11-03-2017, 01:35 PM - Forum: Cooking - Replies (19)

I love to cook - I'd consider it a major hobby of mine, so when I was on the road, I made it a priority to have what I needed to continue -   even baked bread in the desert.  BUT, I was thinking, what would it be like if you could develop the perfectly nutritionally balanced, dried kibble for people and keep a big 50lb bag of it, just like dog food, figure out the amount you'd need to maintain your health, weight and strength.  Then, it would just be a matter of having a scoop a couple times a day.  Sure it would be boring as heck, but primitive people did/do well on very limited diets. Even in more recent times people of lesser means survived primarily on meat, a half dozen vegetable varieties and bread.

In my younger days when I worked out a lot, nutrition was a major hobby and I had protein/carb charts all over my kitchen walls. I'm thinking about reviving the hobby with an eye to developing one single dehydrated food that would provide everything you'd need in a kibble.  Things like natural binding agents would have to be researched so it would hold it's shape.  I need a food dehydrator and vacuum sealer too.

I wonder if that is re-inventing the wheel. Is there such a thing already out there?  I'm not talking about the variety of different just-add-water meals, MREs and the like. Most of those things have a lot of sugar, salt and wheat based carbs.


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  My engine brain cramp
Posted by: Gary - 11-03-2017, 11:50 AM - Forum: Mechanical Problems - Replies (9)

i've gone full mental on this

1977 chevy 400 with 77k,all the metals should be good but leaks oil everywhere

i got a gasket set and most of the bolt ons including new manifold and carb

it's a 400 they max bored the chevy smallblock causing some issues,had to eliminate some water jackets to make it work a 350 is just a more reliable cooler running engine so i want to spend my money on a 350

a craigslist 350 core is risky,you never know what you bought until it's to late and i dont have the money for a rebuild $1000+ and you dont know what you get there,builder knowledge,parts quality and if it's already .30-.40 over you cant rebuild it again.
a brand new engine from gm $2000

so i am going to live with what i got for the seeable future

and here is where i go mental,if i pop the heads and there is lip and shinny cylinders problem solved,i put it back together and save for 350

it has 77k on it,more then once i have popped the heads off and no lip with good crosshatch,if this happens i cant stop myself
a set of decent 350 heads with steam holes drilled $350ish (bump up the compression) and a cam kit $200ish and go from

this 1977 emission
8.5005 compression ratio
175 hp
305 torque


to pre immission or better with ported head and modern cam
9 compression ratio
265 hp
400 torque

without a loss in mpg,all efficiency,a 400 is a max of 15mpg with highway gears,od and drafting behind a big rig,as is 10mpg

a vortec head 350 will top those numbers and get a little better mpg but also needs a vortec intake which are a little spendy 

one moment i am go for it,torque monster motor,yea
the next,i dont want 8mpg,i want 15+

what i need is a bunch of money and a rig that morphs from a honda to a 40 footer with 4 slide outs 

i'm neuroticaly confussed,wood chopping time  

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  The further adventures of Scott
Posted by: Cammalu - 11-03-2017, 09:05 AM - Forum: Story time with Scott - Replies (7)

Got this email this morning:

The further adventures of Scott

Today finds me in the city of Vladik. To the rest of the world, Vladivostok or “Ruler of the East”. Oddly my trip started in Anapa and travelled overnight to the city Vladikavkaz or “Ruler of the Caucasus. “In Russia few things are a straight line” or so the saying goes. The train station is a grand one, signaling the end of the Trans Siberian Railway in proper form. It is also as far East as one can go by rail from as far west as someone could possibly start. 4186 miles by car and I am not sure by rail. The trip was not unpleasant and I managed to make a few friends on the way. Drinking and listening to my rather robust 120 gig iPod collection of music filled the days and nights. The police boarded the train on four occasions and my newly added temporary resident stamp and command of the language, including swear words, were effective in moving them along.

I had a VIP private cabin, as I was loaded with 400 pounds of luggage. Sensitive luggage containing Red Weapon cameras and lenses, digital recording gear, cables, batteries and a three new mac laptops, that I had to configure and setup on the journey. My Black Magic editing tools and a larger monitor was also a last minute edition. All this gear was loaded during the Moscow stop.

Moscow two hour stop. “Meet the guys on the road by the train station.” Typical Russian directions.

“Which road it has four sides and two main entrances.?”


“They call you when inside station.”

“Yeah Ok.”

So ‘they’ of course picked the other side, rather than the one I was sitting near. I hadn’t seen anyone dragging large pelican cases, when the phone rang. “Stop, wait, I will come to you.”

“How do you know where we are?”

“I have a guy.” I set off across the station to the other entrance. I got to the waiting group and noticed several of the porters had holstered weapons openly displayed or under jackets. While we got the gear stored in my cabin I inquired if a gun came with this large cache of high tech goodies. A single Red Weapon camera went past a hundred large pretty quickly.

“Scott you don’t need a gun, trains are safe. Just don’t tell anyone what you have, No?”

The gear secured and a gift of very good black caviar and a case of vodka placed on my bed; I was kissed, gifted, and hopefully not fucked. A quarter of a million dollars in gear behind a door catch that sometimes worked. Secured inside locked pelican boxes just reeked of an easy mark.

I like coffee, as black as my soul, and without sugar first thing in the morning. It is my morning ritual. Unless something important is in on fire coffee comes first. In the VIP cars the attendants bring food and the like, similar to first class air travel. If the door is latched when they come round, they knock. If it is not latched they come in. Being served coffee while lounging under the sheets is a sweet luxury. Getting caught midway back to bed from a morning pee, less so.
She handled the situation very well. Pause, scope, eye contact, smile; “The latch was free.”

“Sorry, I think the latch is broken.”

“No need to say sorry, I don’t mind the morning views.”

I got back into bed and she handed me the hot coffee, with a smile. Exiting she stopped at door and looked at the latch. “Yes it is broken. Jiggling may help or it may not.” Then, I was alone.

This became something of a game for the five ladies that worked the two VIP cars. Coffee deliveries, snack offers, and vodka refills seemed to have an uncanny timing to them. Showers were the most obvious. If I was a little peckish in the afternoon, I needed only take a shower and someone would appear carrying a plate of cheese or other goodies. By day three, after Moscow, they had only managed to catch me twice,past the first encounter. I had developed the habit of carrying a towel, like Arthur Dent in the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

The game was still afoot, and relentless. It had become something fun and amusing, as my tormentors let their disappointment show when I just “washed my hair” in the afternoon. But, I was getting fed well, and the other VIPS had started to take notice that I was getting more attention than them.

Day Five.

“Coffee Sir”

The latch was open, I could see it. “Thanks”

“Door latch Sir.”

Grabbing my now always in reach towel I got out of bed, wrapped myself, and went to the door. I jiggled the latch and the door slid to the side. I turned and let the towel droop a little in the back and walked back to bed. Behind me three ladies entered the compartment. One went to the shower, one carried my coffee, and the third followed with a breakfast tray. The two I could see were smiling deviously. The lady came out of the bathroom holding all my towels looked me directly in the eye and held out her hand.

“Laundry day, we need all towels please.”

I gave her my towel. Standing in the open cabin and took my coffee from the other lady. The exited my room, closing the door, and giggled like school girls all the way to the next car. This was Game, Set, and Match.

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  Awesome Pictures
Posted by: Optimistic Paranoid - 11-03-2017, 06:15 AM - Forum: Chit-Chat and Off Topic - Replies (14)

Truck Camper Magazine recently held a contest among their readers to get pictures for a 2018 Calendar.  They got 629 entries, most of which were, frankly, pretty run-of-the-mill.  You can see them here, if you are interested:


These were reduced to 24 Finalists, seen here:


Some of them were spectacular.  Here are my four favorites:





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  Use what you have
Posted by: Motrukdriver - 11-03-2017, 03:17 AM - Forum: Passenger - Replies (16)

An article about how to turn your SUV into a camper.  Might give you some ideas if you already have an SUV but were wondering what to do with it.


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