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Full Version: Things to see in South Dakota . . .
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And Mt. Rushmore is only 80 miles (as the crow flies) from the Devil's Tower, where you can look for UFOs.
Wow. Beautiful pictures.
Makes truck campers look tempting.
The Black Hills and the Badlands are a must visit in my book. I went out in 2009 for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally but did more sight seeing and exploring of the area than I did motorcycle rally related stuff. Plan on going back for sure. There's an energy to that entire area.
I've been to the Black Hills 19 times over 22 years....I love that feels like home whenever I'm there. (the tip-off is in my screen name).

In fact, I've led some impromptu 'tours' thru the area....

But there is still so much more to explore every time I go back....I need to spend an entire summer up there....yeah....that's the ticket!
You can also hike Harney Peak- a ways- But you can see five states on a clear day, I'm told.

Awesome find :Thumbs Up: