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Ok I’m a broke cheapskate. But I do like to have fun. When I plan a get away I search for free things to do in ————-vile or where ever. Stuff comes up. Some free some not. Some people’s idea of cheap ain’t mine. Free. What part of free don’t they get? We are planning a 4 day 3 night get away in a couple weeks. Here are some tools if you are planning something not on national land, etc. 
these are in no particular order and I’m pretty sure I’ll leave some out. 
This is the newest one I found today.
This one came about as a dare. I have an on line friend who is appalled that I would camp in a parking lot in a van with no toilet... I sent her the link and she fired back... “what are you going to do? Are you going to walk in the lobby like you own the place and use YIFI?” I will admit to having gone and looked around a hotel lobby I wasn’t staying at before... never thought of using their YIFI. There are other historical sites and businesses you might enjoy on that website if you dig around.
Hospital lobbies have free WIFI and a fairly inexpensive cafeteria...
 there are all kinds of historical sites on a GPS. If you find one the address and phone number should come up on the GPS. Most wont be free. But it might come up on you Museum card. 
I think I mentioned museum passes in another thread. A lot of museums have memberships. If you look up a museum search the museum name and add reciprocals then search. It should tell you what it belongs to. 
My GPS has Parks listed on it.... easy way to find small parks if you are near something anyway and just want a quiet place to do lunch.
Libraries are free and often have interesting exhibits and some times book sales. Some times a good place to chill out. And use YIFI
Another web page I like is called. then I narrow down the area I am going. Parks and cool places to eat - all kinds of stuff comes up. 
Google trips is an ap on my iPad but it isn’t as thorough as only in your state. 
Another one I liked and I don’t have a link is to look up places to see or places to go before you die coma in —— state or city. 
Another way to find things is to ask people who live in an area. I asked a friend what to see in Louisville, KY and she said Old Louisville. I don’t recall seeing any link to that anywhere. So I searched Old Louisville. Wow. All kinds of stuff. 
A visitors center is a great resource. Years ago we went to Savanah, we asked at the visitor center where we could see some hand made iron gates. That lady gushed all over the place to meet our friend, a master blacksmith. She drew maps and had all kinds of ideas where to look. We wore ourselves out looking at old iron work. As we were staring at old houses a resident came up and talked. He said if the guys were looking for work he knew people were always trying to find a blacksmith. Then he told us not to miss another place while we were there. 
I’m thinking I found a web page that has hiking trails and camp sites. If I find it again I’ll post it, too. 
Blogs and travel journals are good resources. 
I think there are casino listings around, too - those places aren’t free that I know of. 
Some times we see signs up as we drive and take a quick turn. 
How do YOU find free and interesting things to see or do? Do you just sit on BLM spots? 

Gary, I didn’t know where to put this - move it if you like.


This is excellent. From one cheapskate to another, thank you

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You are welcome. Please feel free to add to it. I love flea markets not full of imports...
There is a site I think called thrift store finder. There are antique web pages, too. I just don’t need any more junk but it is fun to look.



Thanks for taking the time to write this up, much appreciated.
I have another ap on the iPad called iExits I think. It comes up with stuff off the interstate. Gas food, etc. I also search my maps on my iPad for specific places ie Wendy’s or Lowe’s and it comes up with a few that way. Then if you zoom in other places nearby will show up.
If you search the ap store stuff comes up. I’ve pull down some and changed my mind later.
Nice. That site seems great.
Only in your state doesn’t have everything but it is an excellent resource. You can search some cities on there, too. We found a water falls on there... it’s in a park we have gone to for years The problem was that the falls only is spectacular after a really good spring rain. The rest of the time it is almost a spillway. Once you look at it right it adds up... There were other places near us we didn’t know about some explored and some yet to explore.

You can also look up ‘things to see before you die’ and tons of things come up. Also check Pinterest. As much as I hate that site some times something comes up.
There lots of web sites and some apps for places to stay, casinos to camp at, national parks.
Please share favorite tools you use to find interesting things to see and do.
Wow, yes- Savannah would be an excellent city to explore!

Not sure how it came about that 'legitimacy of anything' came to equal 'amounts of money' spent, but, here we are...
(12-02-2017, 02:09 PM)Snikwahjm Wrote: [ -> ]Ok I’m a broke cheapskate. But I do like to have fun.

Preach, brother!

Excellent point about the visitor's center.

Quote:How do YOU find free and interesting things to see or do? Do you just sit on BLM spots?

Geocaching works well for this because:

  1. it's free
  2. local folks who know neat places make geocaches to draw people there
One time a geocache in Dallas took me to a vacant grass lot between two building in an industrial area.  Every once in a while I'd see index card sized pieces of heavily patinated flat metal barely exposed in the dirt/grass.  Couldn't wrap my head around it. 

Found the geocache.  Turns out it was the City of Dallas pauper's cemetery from the 1930s;  unclaimed bodies went there.  The area itself wasn't scenic or anything but I was grateful I was led to this secret place filled with forgotten people.

Not all 'caches are somber of course.  I've been led to historic buildings, hidden ponds, fields where butterflies congregate, fossils, overlooks, tallest oak tree in the state, abandoned railroad trestles etc.  And all while getting exercise.  :-)

Caches are graded for both finding difficulty and physical access difficulty, 1-5.  For access, 1 is something like wheelchair accessible and 5 would be "needs scuba gear, mountain climbing experience, bionic implants or a helicopter".  :-) -- The main site.  Free to use but you can pay a subscription to get some convenciences like .gpx downloads.

Navicache -- free, much smaller database of caches

Terracaching -- artisinal caching, I guess. You've got to know the secret handshake.
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