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Full Version: 150 year anniversary run of steam locomotive
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I sure wish I could see it!! Some of you will be close by and can.
That would be very cool to see.
I hope Blanch will be able to see it and get some of those baddass photos
Makes the lil hairs on the back of my neck tingle just thinking about that engine screaming by at 100+ MPH.
I'm a Steamer that missed my period. Love me some big trains, huge art deco stations and everything about that era.
Are you going to go see it? I want to but it all depends on when we can leave.
One theory is that UP spent a lot of money restoring two steam locomotives to have rolling stock, and trained personnel, that will still function after an EMP.

There are youtube videos of prior runs. One where they double headed the two steamers. Separate controls in each cab, coordinated the old fashioned way, steam whistle.