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Full Version: So, I got adopted today!
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Hi all,

I haven't even met any of you lovely people,  but I wanted to share my happiness!

This is Lilith.
She is the sole survivor of a litter of 5.
Mom got hit but a car,  and the other 4 unfortunate kitties were killed by pigs before anything could be done.

She is 5 weeks old,  and doing very well.
She is full of energy aced very outgoing.
Way too cute!
Hmmm so YOU will love me and feed me and let me stand half in and half out of doorways, and clean the box! As my loyal servant I accept you!

Love the fluff

Cute and claws, my favourite combination.
So sweet!  Heart
Awwwwwww. I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem getting a babysitter at YARC Camp. How long did you say you have to be gone?

We will be taking off for Christmas and will be needing a babysitter also.

Looking forward to meeting little Miss Lilith
Ahhh, too darn cute Smile
Wow! What a night!
She fell asleep on my pillow, purring in my ear.
She stayed in bed with me all night!
I didn't even get to do that thing you do first thing after waking up, before giving her breakfast!

I currently plan on going to Denver around three first weekend of December.
Depending on exact flight times I hope to leave Csmp eatly Thursday and come back late Monday .
I'll definitely trade cat sitting duties with you while I'm hanging out by myself at the holidays.
Please forgive the spelling errors, I shouldn't type on my phone!
(09-03-2019, 06:54 PM)LostInLife Wrote: [ -> ]This is Lilith.

So tiny, so cute!  Smile
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