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Full Version: In Surgery
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Camilla is currently getting her left knee replacement done. Hopefully this will be the last major surgery this year.
Great, it is getting done and also sucks for the recovery. Here is to a speedy and as pain free as can be recovery.
I hope it all goes well for her. I am sure she will be up and kicking ass in no time.
Hang in there! Keep us posted.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
I hope it goes quickly and smoothly and that her recovery is fast.

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I had to get a space at a RV park for the next two days. I have an appointment here on Wednesday so she will have her bed to travel home in instead of sitting in the car.
That will be nice, the drugs make the car trip home a bit surreal.
Hope Camilla has a quick recovery. Work hard in physical therapy, that’s important.
Git'er done !
sending prayers for a good surgery and fast recovery!
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