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Full Version: Life on throttled data
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My 5 gig T-mobile hotspot has unlimited streaming on approved services but when a certain neighbor FROM CANADA accidentally connects to it, he drains the usable 5 gigs pretty quickly.

Damn Canadians

Anywho I have been trying to up load a you tube video and none of the services have had good up load speeds where I am. I was trying my Sprint hotspot but it kept dropping the up load around 50%. I was about to drive into town for a better signal but decided to try it on the throttled T-Mobile hotspot. I knew I could watch you tube simply by starting a video and then pausing it until it downloaded enough that I could start watching it, at least the up load could take as long as it needed.

It took 6 hours for a 11 minute video but sometime around 1 AM it finished and I was able to get it published.

It gave me a chance to see what is possible on throttled data with a average speed of 256k. Everyone worries so much about POSSIBLY being throttled IF they are over 22 gigs and IF they are on a congested tower. The reality is that you can still do a lot IF you just CALM DOWN and have some freaking PATIENCE.

The video is about the installation of my A/C into the Microwave cabinet.
I thought you were done with that installation? Confused
Does the darn Canuck know the password to your hotspot?
(07-11-2019, 07:38 AM)justjim Wrote: [ -> ]The reality is that you can still do a lot IF you just CALM DOWN and have some freaking PATIENCE.

Thanks for bringing this up;  people really need to hear it.  I threw together a page on bandwidth conservation for new folks looking to slim down the data.
I have a US cellular hotspot that roams on Verizon. 4gb and then unlimited 2g. I’m able to do a lot with it, it just requires some patience. I am able to download movies from Netflix, text, check my social media, and get my email.

Unlimited 2g isn’t very exciting, but it allows me to always have connectivity unless I am in a spot with no signal whatsoever.

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It's been exactly 2 years since I got my is now technically 'off-contract'....I'm waiting to see if the monthly rate is gonna go up or stay the same.

It has worked so well for 2 years I'm hoping it slips 'under the radar' as far as rate hikes go.
You should be grandfathered in unless you change something with ATT. No under the radar about it.
Yes, I hope it stays the same....but you know they often have a way of getting more money when contracts expire.

My home U-verse internet that used to be $25/month for 12mb/s (two year contract at that rate and speed) has slowly increased over several years to the $60/month that I now pay. 

Jim posted the heads-up about the Mobley more than 2 years ago on the other forum and it has been a nice piece of gear at a good price.
Yep, I have one too. I had to get a buck converter that put out 14V to keep it from timing out. The 12V converter I originally bought started letting it go to sleep after they removed the never sleep option.
Yep, mine times out too, seems to always happen right after I have composed a long forum post, and POOF all my work disappears as I hit SUBMIT or POST and the browser tells me 'You are not connected to the Internet'...

Why cant browsers have a little beep or bell or red icon that pops up when they become disconnected from the web?....seems like a simple thing to do.

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