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Full Version: FIRE Prevention Thread
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Park upwind of that too big campfire .
Next time maybe only one bundle of wood at a time.

Degrease that engine !
Just don't pressure wash the sensors and wire connections.

Forest Fire ?
Turn that key.
blow out every match someone strikes before they set something on fire. Steal all lighters you see around you and bury in big hole in ground. Pull and stamp out all ciggies that cross your path, from everyone's mouth Smile

that help?
If you can't pinch the head of a burned match between your fingers, it's not cold enough to set down.

Keep your StrikeAnywhere matches in chew-proof containers.  Mice are attracted to the sulfur in the match heads, and have been known to start fires by chewing on them.
Every time Tex2sturges shows up it is fun with fire time.  Big Grin  My kind of guy.
I had a fire in the hanger that almost burned it down & burned me up. I have a propane forklift that I shut off & it wouldn't start so I raised the hood hit the key & the distributer cap jumped & half the hanger had 3' blue flames, burned the hair off my legs & set several things on fire. I keep 2 big extingquisers & got everything put out. It was a propane diaphram went bad, filled the engine with LP & LP goes down so I never smelled it. I'm very careful with propane.
Don’t let Mongo eat beans too close to the fire.
shoot all arsonist?

scary fire story! ugh

omg I hate gas. any kind of gas. invisible death. so scary!

I know also cause I sleep with my hubby and let me tell ya.....ugh lol
Skuh kuh kuh kuh
Fire prevention isn't really related to nocturnal asphyxiation by partner...

Keeping a beaned up Mongo away from the campfire ..... that could be a fire prevention issue.....


Many rv's burn down every year. Walmart has ~ $12 fire extinguishers, get at least 2.
(06-14-2019, 07:43 AM)Ddarnell Wrote: [ -> ]Many rv's burn down every year. Walmart has ~ $12 fire extinguishers, get at least 2.

My daughter had a fire in her skoolie. She went shopping and had a cigarette lighter in one of her shopping bags. Went home and put it on the upper bunk... left for another errand, and somehow while they were gone (about 45 minutes, that lighter ignited and a fire burned a hole in the bunk and covered everything with soot, and even fused some of the wires overhead so they need to rewire that part of the bus. They were in hotels a few weeks thanks to Red Cross and Salvation Army. You would think that would discourage them from smoking. I hope it did. I didn't say a word... except... so sorry, of course. It was a lot of work to clean up but they're living in the skoolie again now. It is parked on private property.
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