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Full Version: Cast iron cookware
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I've been fighting buying cast iron for many years but I'm just so sick of fighting sticky frying pans that I think I'm going to buy one cast iron skillet.

I don't like cast iron because it's heavy and bulky but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet.

I have no specific brand in mind and honestly don't even know if the brand makes any difference.

Any suggestions?
Old or new , I'd get the one with the smoothest interior
Lodge pre-seasoned is very good and reasonably priced. Get the larger one with the optional lid
I'll bet that weighs 40 lbs... ugh. I'm going to have to talk myself into this. I'll probably run over to rural king where they sell a large assortment of Lodge. Thanks.

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(10-10-2017, 09:51 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: [ -> ]Old or new , I'd get the one with the smoothest interior

Yeah, it would be nice to pick up a real smooth used one.
I would buy used. Watch for thrift store or yard sale. Yes look for smooth. Some of them are heavier than others. I found a light weight grill. Love it. Some have thicker walls than others. Some are deep some shallow. I have two I use for everything. I cook, wipe out the heavy stuff then boil out the sticky stuff. Pretty easy to maintain.
Sure wish I could find one not so heavy!

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I totally lose my mind when stuff sticks. I hate sticking pots. Here everything sticks as it is the cheapest bloody possible so I went all cast iron. But cast is great for some stuff and not for others so I got a couple of these from a speciality store in the big city!

Light and I can't get burnt melted cheese to stick when I do my famous frying pan pizza.
Those look nice Scott. I keep buying pans that "never stick" and they all do in a short period of time. I really, really hate it too!

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It's almost ridiculously expensive but the field skillet is as nice as a cast iron pan can be.  But not out of line with other high quality pans.  Two Brothers started a company to make cast iron pans like they used to be, smoother and lighter than what's on the market today, reminiscent of the older stuff. I use mine almost everyday,  it has an extremely smooth interior, unlike the pebble finish interior of modern pans. It's also deceivingly light.  I sent one to both my brothers, couldn't believe how nice a pan it was and needed someone else to see it too.  

But if you don't want to spend the money on one of these and most don't, I'd shop around until you can find a vintage Wagner pan, they are lighter and smoother than most, I see them on Ebay quite often in the $30 range
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