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Full Version: What happened to Abuelaloca?
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I haven’t seen anything from her in months.  Her screen name details says she hasn’t been on the forum since mid-Sept. 

Tried sending her a pm just now and got an error message saying “her pm quota has been reached” or something.

Pardon me if I have missed something but I just wondered. If there’s a private reason just delete this thread.


she had real life stuff go down,deaths in the family and whatnot and decided to take some time away,i moved her from administrator to regular member because if someone was able to get in to a unattended admin account they could really mess the site up

i hope things come together for her and she comes back,crazy grandma is a huge asset to the site
She sure is a huge asset to this site and I can give her the green slippers back too.... I wash them every so often so they stay fresh.
I know that belinda has taken some time off for personal reasons, but does anyone know if she's ok?
I talked to her a little while ago.  She is hanging in there. Right after she got her van back the entire shop got busted for meth. So she still is looking for a shop to trust.

We might be seeing her soon.  She lives close to my daughter in Missouri.