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Full Version: Whatcom, WA EMS Ambo
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Thought you’d like this. It looked mint! The owner said 200k on it, but new engine and other stuff. He said he expected to have $6k invested in it when done, so couldn’t have paid too much for it.

[Image: f36049c9f356b4f5d5104d94d523f587.jpg]

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That’s a beauty!

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Those are great just far to low ceiling for me unfortunately. But I’d love to do a pop top roof raise on one.
Looks like mine just different color. Mine's like it's 1 or 2 years old, no rust, tears, dents,etc. 80,000 actual miles now 88,000. Was the backup ambulance for a small fire dept & always stored indoors & super maintained as firemen do. 2 new batteries & all new tires last year before I bought it & a new 250 amp alt the year before. It's a '93 the last full year of the International 7.3 IDI diesel. I'll never own a power stroke. Fully insulated & wired for 120v AC & 12v DC. They made these diesels for 11 years & kept improving them Everything works like new, front/rear heat & AC, seats 6 legally, 6' high inside & more storage than I can ever use. Has a Horton ambulace body which is one of the top builders Ambo's are the best built vehicles on the road & cost about $200,000. Horton sent me the build & wiring prints. Here's a rollover test.  I wanted something that went thru drivethrus as I don't walk so well anymore after breaking my back. I searched a long time & paid $2k & couldn't be happier. Gets 16-18 mpg at 70 mph.
That ex ambulance is a great score you found. A friend of mine has been looking for the 4x4 version for 15 years and just bought one from Montana. I didn’t know you could get such good fuel mileage. Good to know. Thanks.