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Full Version: Speaking of moving slowly and memory...
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I'm still trying to get rid of a ton of stuff:  yard sales (more rain than usual this summer), loads to the dump, a ton of books to the recycle/donation box (for resale), separating things into Take, Store, Sell, Give Away, and Discard.  And there's a LOT!

(And JewelAnn, my three cats are every bit as helpful as your Queen.)

For a couple of years, now, I seem to keep 'losing' things.  Smallish things:  a small cordless drill, a small knife out of a set, my unused Trac Phone (no signal here in Cell Hell), some tools, a roll of quarters for the garage sales, etc, etc, etc.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that someone has been in the house, but I brushed it off as HateWashingtonSyndrome paranoia.  Well, yes, many/most of the neighbors are... creepy.  Or strange.

And then last week I bought a case of canned cat food and two days later, I couldn't find it.  How could I lose a case of cat food?  The next day, I grabbed my roll of tape to stick up the Yard Sale signs on the streetside posts, and noticed that it was sitting on two unfamiliar boxes containing replacement water filters.  I don't have a water filter.  I'd never seen these filters before, and they were sitting right inside the front door on the shelf where I leave my wallet, purse, keys and cell phone (when I have one).  This was new.

It was almost like someone had been in my house, had taken something, and left the filters behind because they couldn't hold everything.  Yes, I do lock up before I leave.  The windows that I leave open have the screens screwed in, and they're all intact.

My brother had a girlfriend across the street.  She kept all of her keys on hooks on a board near the front door, car, van, pickup, bus, shed, my brother's RV.  And my brother had his keys there, too.  With my housekey on it.  At the same time, the girlfriend was renting rooms out to losers she worked with at Walmart, two of which were a junkie couple.  She kicked them out eventually, but when she and my brother were in Nevada, the other tenant came home and found all of the interior doors open (he always closes them) and his little dog was pitching a fit, and stalking down the hall with her hackles raised, growling.  He found the junkie girl hiding in the shower.  She came at him clawing like a cat, and he decked her.  He called the police, and just as they were walking toward the house, she went running out the door and they caught and cuffed her.  On the kitchen floor was a towel with her 'collection' of stolen stuff on it.  But he kept wondering how she got in. 

I finally remembered the keys on the hooks.  She has apparently had copies made, and has been coming and going as she pleased, whenever I wasn't home.  Both of my old dogs are gone, and the cats don't put up much of a defense.

So I have an appointment with a locksmith tomorrow morning to re-key the locks.  If it isn't one thing, it's twenty-seven others.
That’s scary!

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Damn TC that's the stuff that would keep me awake at night.
Don't know your particulars but I'd be looking to trade some rooming accommodations for some cleaning/moving/selling/hauling work. I'd look to a local church for recommendation and personal reference.
There is no way I'd not find a way to fix that home invasion issue.
This shacky old mobile home is falling apart -- no one would want to live here, not even me.

Sister is coming at 10:30 to house-sit while I'm getting the locks re-keyed.
I just learned about this recently; so, I have yet to research it.
I'm a bit daft, you're saying someone left filters in your trailer? When it was locked?
If someone's been in your house, you need to make a police report.

(09-05-2018, 08:20 AM)TrainChaser Wrote: [ -> ]This shacky old mobile home is falling apart -- no one would want to live here, not even me.

Maybe you inadvertently leave a candle burning when you go out ... Or, perhaps the burglar you reported to police lit it.
Would solve lots of problems.
(09-04-2018, 04:30 PM)TrainChaser Wrote: [ -> ]It was almost like someone had been in my house, had taken something

My sympathies & a virtual hug!
Just went thru something like this, and am still shaken.

(09-06-2018, 07:11 AM)MN C Van Wrote: [ -> ]If someone's been in your house, you need to make a police report.

Even if it doesn't lead to an investigation, it will be on file.
I'm planning to do so, once I get a bit caught up on critical life stuff.

...and I'm assuming the candle suggestion was just a stress relief joke Smile
>>> "If someone's been in your house, you need to make a police report."

Around here, it's basically a waste of time. If it's Kristy (and I'm sure it is), the police have CAUGHT her burglarizing homes, selling meth, etc, and all they do is arrest her, fingerprint her, and tell her to show up in a week for arraignment. She doesn't show up. Eventually, they pick her up for something, and arrest her again. At some point, she ends up in court, serves a few weeks, and is released to do it all over again.

And I can't use the candle solution because some idiot planted Douglas fir trees along my property line (three feet apart -- they grow several hundred feet tall), and many of the limbs hang over the house.

The locks are changed, now, so that may stop her. Or at least cause her some frustration.

An investigator here did a study and found that a burglar usually committed 1,000 burglaries before he went to prison. He would go through the same things you describe, getting away with a lot, going to jail for brief periods, until they finally had enough of him and threw him in the can for a long time.
And yes, LOL I don't know much, but I think it's safe to say you would never want to discuss committing is serious felony, like burning down your house, on a website before hand! I was joking and for some reason I just don't use the little emojis on this site.

Hope your situtation gets better,  living in a run-down house is kind of bad, but it's far worse if you're surrounded by a bunch of nut jobs!
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