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Video by Tx2sturgis from his drone. This spot is a couple of miles from YARC Camp. There are some neat Petroglyphs on the rocks at that spot and lots of grinding stones.

Anyone coming to YARC Camp next year I’d be glad to take you out there
Hey, Miss Cammalu made that video possible...

I finally got around to looking thru the video I shot out there....trying to get some of it online...
Notice the YARC sticker on the front of the UTV
That's where everyone talks about deep Winter boondocking?
Super video. Anna was just sitting here beside me watching it. We've been contemplating selling the travel trailer we just bought, mostly because we are gonna be moving to Australia permanently but she changed our direction slightly. Yeah, we are still going to Australia but now she wants to go ahead and rebuild the trailer and head out to Q this winter. Rebuild it as soon as this current remodel gets finished and sold then sell the other rentals as they come up on a month to month rental basis. We're still juggling our future so that might change but I do like not selling the trailer right away and heading to the desert this winter.
Look up Quartzsite LTVA. 

There is a lot of warm to be found during the winter. You can even find (gasp) a Bob somewhere around.
Here is a pretty good video of the Quartzsite area in January-February time frame:
I'm trying to get some of my Ural riding buddies to make plans to come to Q next January or February...we might be able to plan some kind of small rally...this would be a first as far as we know, for a gathering of Urals in the desert around Quartzsite.

I saw two of them last year, but not riding together...or in any kind of gathering or group. 

We will see how this shakes would be fun to see these bikes on the trails out there!

Oh...a few more vids I took, riding with GotSmart:
Thanks for the videos! Those were some pretty awesome old cars there
All that must have been on the north side of Quartzsite....I missed it.
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