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I thought we needed an area to post apps that help us on the road.

Here are a few I use:

Campendium - helpful app to find places to camp

Public Lands - has nice overlays and maps

Trucker Path - where the truck stops are and is updated by truckers as to are the lots filled Not an app but I use it a lot

Sanidumps - for those of us who need to find dump stations

GasBuddy - has where you can get the cheapest gas near to you

Roadtrippers - has a lot of info on scenic routes and things to do along the way

Only in your state - neat facts and things to see and do by state

National Geographic Park Maps - nice

Gas Guru - cheapest gas finder

Roadside attractions - this one ya gotta pay a little for but it lists tons of funny and cheesy roadside attractions. Has an interactive map

Anyone care to add?
I use network cell info lite to show me on a map what tower my phone is connected to and what direction to point my antenna.. It only works on android

Good for a GPS and updates about issues on the road with loads of subscribers. Works in Ukraine as well!!
The Technomadia folks have an app for finding cell coverage.
You "might" need cell coverage to use it though !
Here's a link to an article about an app called onX which is supposedly great for locating boondocking sites.
US Public Lands (Apple) .99

AllStays (Apple) is now up to $9.99!

And I see Technomadia has a 3 app bundle for $8.99 (US Public Lands, Cell Phone Coverage and something that looks like a set of scales...)

for those that use an antenna to receive TV broadcasts
How 'bout one to keep tack of all the neat places people mention?
Android apps follow:

OsmAnd - free offline mapping, so it doesn't require a data connection after you select the states you want.  
AndFTP - uploads to servers with ftp, scp/sftp, etc.  
EasyTether - tether even if your cell provider doesn't allow it
FBreader - free ebook reader
OpenCamera - highly configurable camera
AutoBoy - turns old phone into a dashcam

THese are on both phones I think:

DuoLingo - learn spanish and other languages
Torque - connects to bluetooth OBDii dongles for realtime stats, codes, etc
Skype - stay in contact with family

Zello - voice chat channels.  Been thinking about a vandwelling channel on Zello, as it's free, light on bandwidth, users can block other users, ,can be password protected if invaded by trolls, etc. I am not much of a talker but it might be fun and/or useful.  Note:  I just made it so folks can play there if they want.  It'll cause no harm if it sits dormant.
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